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its in early stages but once i send out atleace the first gym. i will show it on youtube. after that i do need help and only curtain channels know im developing this game with help by those people. thanks for looking at this and lets see the future. even if nintendo gamefreak and the pokemon componey dont like this
As I've departed from the staff team, please be sure to direct all questions and feedback to the current staff team. I won't be answering any DMs or profile posts. Thanks!
where do i go after beating second gym been to ice peak and recuse girl also help lab from frozen generator im stuck
can i get some help i cant find the grudds i only found one i been through the forsest that i can get do any help pluz your super repel dosnt last long either and having every time going into item bag is started to get inroiging thanks
You can find Gurudd on the various dark patches of dirt throughout the forest. Just keep looking!
Yo, I know I like totally disappeared earlier this year, my b. If you can forgive me for my shortcomings and wanna keep up with my current project, Forged By Virtue (which is not Pokemon related, gonna say that in advance), or get back in touch with me, peep my new Twitter.
Status Update:
making lots 'o Pokemon games
1. Pokemon Ghost (unconfirmed name)
2. Pokemon Golden Legend
3. Pokemon Sky (unconfirmed name & sequel to Pokemon Golden Legend)
4. Pokemon Youtubers (a game with all my fav youtubers and their quests)
5. Pokemon Minecraft Version or Minecraft Pokemon Edition
6. Pokemon Undertale (Maybe not)
7. Pokemon Karpy (abunch of random stuff i like)