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Hey Bigoof Saw your project in legend of evee it was pretty nice but the sprites and game looks totally familiar with fire red I would appreciate to help you make new sprites if you allow to help and also some modification to the story
Hi Xeto, Sounds great! Currently i'm not really working on the legend of eevee. Feel free to add your feedback in the google forms in the drive (its in the getting started document). You can link a download link in there as well for some sprites.
Hello nice to meet you my name is xeto I am from india age 17 and I am a big pokefan I was thinking of someone who could properly desing my characters maps and pokemon So I am asking yu to help me make
I rweally liked your account banner so pls
ive encountered a problem with the rival naming mode and ebdx


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This has nothing to do with EBDX. (EBDX only affects the battle scene) You just need to change the “trainer004” to “trainer_RIVAL1”, or whatever the name of your rival’s spritesheet is.
NOT currently supporting any resource I made a long time ago as I'm not really doing Pokémon Essentials at the moment