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Hello, I saw that and I am looking for you commented in a post that you offered yourself as a spriter for some fakemon. I am currently doing a fakemons project and looking for a team, if you are interested you can answer me this message
My guy, which game did you have the most fun making. Wanna know cuz I am creating a list of 'The Best Games by the Best Creators'
Uhh, Noodles, which game would you consider your best work till now? Creating a list so I thought of you. I would really appreciate it if you would tell me.
man i made an account here thinking i would just observe from afar, now i'm kinda tempted to try Fangaming myself but... well, considering my only coding experience is the html variety and i know damn well how hard THAT is the thought of anything more complicated is... frightening, to say the least
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Go for it! Thundaga has a bunch of videos on how to get started. No coding experience is needed, I started with none, and I've made 5 games now and I still don't know how to code!