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Status Update:
making lots 'o Pokemon games
1. Pokemon Ghost (unconfirmed name)
2. Pokemon Golden Legend
3. Pokemon Sky (unconfirmed name & sequel to Pokemon Golden Legend)
4. Pokemon Youtubers (a game with all my fav youtubers and their quests)
5. Pokemon Minecraft Version or Minecraft Pokemon Edition
6. Pokemon Undertale (Maybe not)
7. Pokemon Karpy (abunch of random stuff i like)
Status Update:
1. fixing stuff in meh game.
2. i think Aki should be more than admin since she/they are on more than other peeps ( that ive seen)
3. might add fakemon to meh game
Hey Zangoose My review of the game is awesome but the grammar and the trainer card looks empty .But man the graphics are just SO AWESOME
yeah hey i would love to watch you play pokemon gallium if you want i can subscribe cause why not
I noticed on your page you said there's a version not yet released that'll fix problems, I can play it once that's released^^