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Hello friend, could you please make a tutorial of the selection screen or (Party PKMN screen) to know how to do it. :-)

PS: It is for firered
Hello, I am the founder and a developer of Pokemon Plasma. We are currently looking for many spriters and mappers to help us create maps and sprites. If, we have aroused your interest, please have a look at our Discord and contact me.



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The new pokemon form discovered in Stacona Region!
The Miltank - Thundaga Form

And his pbs in pokemonforms.txt
Miltank pbs:
FormName = Thundaga Form
Pokedex = The best Pokemon in the world! He also have nice tutorials on his channel on Youtube!
sorry for the late reviews, having all the drafts deleted killed some of my motivation lmao, they're all coming soon!
Angry old natdexer looking to bring a little joy in the world by making and playing Pokemon fan games. Always happy to chat and look forward to staying in the loop on my favorite games.
I am making my first pokemon fan game. I start learning how to do that last month so it will no be the smothest thing hihi, by the way i am not a native english speaker, so the will have a lot o errors

the credits are in the text file


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How to our own custom moves for pokemon please tell me
whats the point in making something when you just end up hating it
Looking back and seeing flaws probably means you grew since then, maybe even from it specifically
Time you enjoyed spending isn't time wasted
Even if you end up hating it there's probably people who got some joy out of it (epsecially if we're talking about a game)
Please make me download the version 1.1, I have version 1.2 on my computer, I really need to know how to download this game and play it
Norfolk Gaming
Norfolk Gaming
1.2 has fixed many bugs from 1.1 so isn't available anymore, make sure you extract the files before trying to play the game
So I should download version 1.2 and I should download winrar and chose Game.exe