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it says v 1.2 on my project but i've secretly been stealth updating it every 30 minutes because i want to slightly edit the dialogue in a cutscene or some other dumb mundane thing and i'm completely insane why do i do this help
excited to be a judge this year for Game Jam 5! will the cat with no job stop lurking and actually post on the forums? will he ever finish his fangame? time will tell.............................................
Hey, I need help with Essentials...again...this happens whenever I view the "Area" page in the Pokedex. My town map works fine, but it doesn't show up in the editor so I can't set what I apparently need to...can you help me remove the Area page? I don't really want it in my game at all.
Pokemon Magenta
Exception: NoMethodError

Message: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass

BW_PokedexNestForm:149:in `pbStartScene'

BW_PokedexNestForm:315:in `pbStartScreen'

BW_Pokedex:1836:in `pbDexEntry'

BW_Pokedex:1754:in `loop'

BW_Pokedex:1845:in `pbDexEntry'

BW_Pokedex:1753:in `pbActivateWindow'

BW_Pokedex:1753:in `pbDexEntry'

BW_Pokedex:2286:in `act
Shiney's BW scripts are rather bugged here and there. There's not much I can do to help you, and I also suggest making a post about these sort of things rather than posting on my profile.
I have a problem with Essentials. After changing movesets and base stats on some Pokemon, not including this one, this error came up, and doesn't resolve if I add a HeldItemRare or remove the Pokemon altogether. This Pokemon has never had a HeldItemRare to begin with. Any idea what's going on and if I can fix it via methods other than reinstalling?
Pokemon Essentials
Exception: RuntimeError

Message: Bad line syntax (expected syntax like XXX=YYY)

File PBS/pokemon.txt, section 684, key WildItemRare

Compiler:1712:in `pbEachFileSectionEx'

Compiler:1695:in `each_line'

Compiler:1695:in `pbEachFileSectionEx'

Compiler:1733:in `pbEachFileSection'

Compiler:2339:in `pbCompilePokemonData'

Something's wrong with the line "WildItemRare=SOMETHING" for Pokémon 684 (Swirlix probably). Make sure the line does actually say "WildItemRare", followed by "=", followed by the name of an item.