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Work in Progress Pokémon Defiance


Alchemist Queen
Rarely found in the wild, these bizarre Pokémon have not only different appearances, but different types from their normal selves. They act similarly to shiny Pokémon, with each species of Pokemon having a different appearance and typing from their normal selves.
But that's the SAME thing in Pokemon Insurgence!!!!
But that's the SAME thing in Pokemon Insurgence!!!!
Understandable, but no, they're different in function. These Deltas are like shinies and have a chance to appear for every encounter. Plus there's one for every single Pokemon. Arguably, they're a lot more like the TCG Deltas than Insurgence's.

I'll admit though, Naukan Forms are probably more similar to Insurgence Deltas, but a lot of them have different stat distributions, a bit more like Alola forms.

could you use this naukan ponyta

As of right now, we're not really accepting Naukan form submissions, but in the future, we might reconsider. That looks good, though.
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This fan game looks really awesome! and i cent wait to see it done! so when do you think the game will be finished or have a demo?