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Apr 2, 2017

Hey Guys.

BluePlays Here! So I have been working on a game called Pokemon Tungsten and I got really bored of it. I might go back to it later though. Soooo... I decided to start a new project, Pokemon Unknown. Here it is in all of its glory. (ha, not really...)

You are just another average kid living in just another average town with just another average family. You thought your life wasn't important and you thought you were just something small part of something huge. You had wished to know what you were a part of and what your purpose was. Then you get a large package from your dad, who is on holiday in a tropical region. In the package is of an odd shaped key-stone. You place it on a shelf in your room where it sits for about a year. Then one night you wake up to this off key-stone shaking around and glowing a strange purple. You pick it up and start to look at it wondering what could be happening. Then the key-stone floats out of your hand and flies through your window, shattering it completely. You pear out the window to see a strange purple being then emerge from the key-stone. This weird being floats of and starts to wreck havoc all throughout the region. You can't help but feel responsible for it and so you want to stop it. You go visit the local professor to see if she knows anything about it. And so your adventure begins!

There aren't that many features in this project, but this is what I got so far.
[W.I.P]- A Pokedex comprised of Fakemon and Pokemon from gens 1-6.
[COMPLETE]-EBS System (Awesome script)
[COMPLETE]-Generation 6 Pokemon, with Gen 6 moves and abilities.
[W.I.P]- A clean 4th gen style, with custom graphics.
Type changes
Larvitar and evos - Dragon/Rock types
Goomy and evos - Dragon/Bug types
Growlithe and evo - Fire/Normal types

Screenshots are subject to change. Overworld is temporary, will be changed to custom graphic soon.

(I did my very best to credit everyone I could, if there is someone I missed contact me immediately and I will give proper credits! Please forgive me)
Huge thanks to anyone in the future who will help me with critiques and any tips on how to improve the game!
Elite Battle System
GameFreak- Original sprites from B/W/2 games Ripping sprites from B2/W2 roms
Luka S.J.- Indexing and formatting the sprites
dragonite (lucy)- GIF to PNG converter! Thanks alot!
Tebited15- B/W styled trainer Red sprite
Sprites Resource (redblueyellow)- Gen 5 ball sprites
Battle Background:
Eli- Ripping and compiling the backgrounds
Custom UI:
Luka S.J.- Design, formatting and implementation
Luka S.J.- Elite Battle System 2015
Luka S.J.- Additional sprite manipulation methods and all new BitmapWrappers
Luka S.J.- EditorScripts modification + PBS/pokemon.txt repositions
Maruno- General help and support
dragonnite (Lucy)- GIF to PNG converter
Pokemon Essentials (Maruno + Poccil + Flameguru +contibutors)- Base system
Sound Effects:
GameFreak- Original sound effects from B/W/2 games
BadSamaritan- Ripping the sound effects

LightSword- Forest entrance tiles.
Magiscarf- Bunch o' free tiles
Calis Project- Tiles
ChaoticCherryCake- Tiles
Phyromatical- BW tiles!
Zeo254- Tiles
Kyle-Dove- Tiles
GameFreak and Nintendo- Tiles/ Battle backgrounds and everything else! Thanks alot Gamefreak and Nintendo!
Smogon XY sprite Project and everyone that contributed to that! Thanks!

There is no current download for this game but there will be at some point. Aiming for December 2017, but no promises.
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Apr 19, 2017
This game looks amazing, both in maps and in story aspects. I'd just like to share a few things that could be of use to you.

1. The maps look really detailed and intricate. I really appreciate this, because many fan games lack in map detail, something which you have certainly overcome.
2. The plot and story look interesting and intriguing. I like that you have utilised the odd keystone in your story and logo. It provokes a lot of mystery.
3. With the bar at the top of the screen, maybe you can put a thin outline there. At first, I thought there was a random Ampharos in the corner. It may just cause a little confusion.
4. Just to clarify, are your Gen 6 Pokemon in the 3D form or in the pixel art? Just asking 'caus it looks really inconsistent when there is a mix of the two.

However, the game looks really impressive and I hope you finish it soon so I can enjoy it! Good luck with the production!


Jul 31, 2017
The maps here look really good I love that they are so detailed and full of stuff everywhere with plenty of walking space! (And not an excess of grass everywhere, too!)

The plot sounds like it has a good beginning to it and I'm wondering how this thing is going to craft a full game worth of material. It has me wondering if this could be shortened into a really fast game of hide and seek with no substance, or if this will lead to a much bigger plot over the horizon that I can not see yet because I'm not there experiencing yet. I find that exciting that from right now, it sounds like it could be either one!

I can't wait to hear more about this game as it progresses!