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April Fools Evan Starr's Ding Dang Fan Game Talk Show


in another life, Starrcasm
Hey guys, here's Episode One of the long awaited DDFGTS! I will be doing these infrequently...but possibly more often! If you guys have actual ideas for actual segments in the future I'd be happy to hear em out, this was fun to make!

Many thanks to Scott Geldzahler, Sean Petersen, and Mark Baldino for their contributions in writing/acting, music, and show logo, respectively.

Also to all the fangames who appear in the intro sequence!​
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The Greenest of Noibats
Honestly though I'd watch this, if you brought good insight or tutorials for people to learn for building their games and if you kept up with some of the fangame updates that are being talked about it could be a cool like monthly/ bi-weekly show for a while.