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April Fools Home (April Fools Edition)


Stinky Person
Hey, guys, you might remember this game of mine from a few months ago that didn't get much attention. You see, unfortunately, I forgot the most important part about making video games: they need to be video games. You know, playable. I've heard your criticisms loudly, and have now fixed the main problem that had plagued Home the first time around.

A lonely Trubbish wanders into a cave where Pokemon have gone missing in the past, and finds himself in a room he cannot leave. In his prison, he meets and befriends a timid Sandshrew. Seemingly, the only way out of the cave is through a strange and magical mechanism that involves the captors closing their eyes and traveling blindly through a section of the cave.

Development Team:
SmokedPaprika: Writer, Sprite Artist, Map Designer.
Ashedragon: Composer.
Lilypad Lemur: Character Portraits.

Download Link:
RPG Maker VX Ace RTP Required.


Munro Small Font - Ten By Twenty.
I Do Love You - Kill Paris.
Sugar Song and Bitter Step - UNISON SQUARE GARDEN.
Trubbish - Me. Trubbish is mine. It belongs to me and nobody else. Go away, Nintendo.
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