v21.1 Make opponent trainers also throw a pokéball

This thread pertains to v21.1 of Pokémon Essentials.


Apr 30, 2023
Hi! I wondered if anyone knew how to make opponent trainers throw a pokéball.
Now they 'put' their pokéball on the ground and the pokémon pops out. Now, I was wondering if you could make it so that the trainer sprite slides out of the screen and after that, a pokéball flies in (like the player's pokéballs), and as soon as it hits the ground, the pokémon pops out then.

I don't know if anyone asked this before or if it's possible, but maybe it's worth a shot.
Thanks in advance!

Platypus Gamer

Game Designer
Sep 24, 2023
I think it's possible in terms of making it so the opponent trainers throw a pokeball. For the sliding part you could copy script of the player battle intro animation, spesifically in the "Battler start and End" script or you could download Golosipod User's Following Pokemon EX which comes with the sliding animation, and edit it from there. The tougher part is that if you wanted the opponent trainer to have it's own custom animation when throwing the pokeball (like the player) then you would have to manually create brand new animation for those sprites, or find a plugin with already existing sprite animations. Other than that it's pretty simple. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!