Completed Pokémon Gaia Version

Spherical Ice

It's been a while, hasn't it? Here are some screenshots of some of the post-game events that I have been working on.

First up, the region has had a small makeover! There were some geographical parts that didn't make sense (especially the way the Cable Car connected), and now the region flows much better. One side-effect is that Telmurk Swamp and the Battle Marsh got updates! Take a look:

After you defeat the Elite Four, and return home to Celanto Town, Professor Redwood pays you a visit. He gives you the Valor Ticket, which lets you board the S.S. Celebrity from Atsail City to Katosurf Island! What interesting characters will be onboard?

And, once you get to Katosurf Island, you can explore the Katosurf Lock! This highly guarded structure is critical to the region's safety -- so important, in fact, that all the Guards fight exclusively in Double Battles!
Not to be that guy, but I finally got the Dawn Stone in "Cosmic Caverns" and it won't let me evolve my Kirlia. It doesn't say "no use" it says "it won't have any effect" once I click use on Kirlia.
Also, on Precimos Island, there is a glitch with the final burglar guard guarding the final door where if I talk to him again I can repeatedly battle him as much as I want. This didn't really bother me, but it could be used for grinding.
Love the game though, I actually want to catch them all. V.S. Seeker was a good installment.

EDIT: Nevermind. For some reason the Dawn Stone doesn't work just in Cosmic Cave, my bad...
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