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This hack has come a long way.
Last time I saw this it only had a few gyms in a demo. (ended in a snow town iirc)

But, now you're at the League?! This is awesome!
Is there going to be post-league stuff?


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I'm looking forward to playing through the demo. I love the whole premise and how many features there are.

Spherical Ice

This hack has come a long way.
Last time I saw this it only had a few gyms in a demo. (ended in a snow town iirc)

But, now you're at the League?! This is awesome!
Is there going to be post-league stuff?
Thank you! There will be a postgame, but it will not be in v3.
How many new Pokemons and Fakemons are there in gaia rom? Does anyone have information?
There are not any Fakemon, but Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos all appear.
I'm looking forward to playing through the demo. I love the whole premise and how many features there are.
Thank you!

v3.0 will be released on October 14th! It will go up to the credits, so will include all 8 Badges, the Pokémon League challenge and Champion fight, as well as the main story's conclusion.

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Pokémon Gaia - Beta 3.0 Release


Locations and Info [SPOILERS!]


  • Gaia Beta v3.1
    Release date: 16th October, 2018
    Mirror Download:
    Notes: v3.1 is a bugfix update for v3.0 (changelog). Saves from v3.0 ARE compatible with v3.1. However, as with v3.0, saves from versions v2.5 or before of Gaia are NOT compatible with v3.1. This beta ends after the credits roll in the Pokémon League, with all eight Gym battles, the full main story, and the Elite Four and Champion battles. Please read the included README.txt file for important information, or visit the Discord server in my signature. On top of the purely new content added to this release, a lot of content has also been added in between Gyms, as well as lots of bugfixes from Beta v2.5, balancing, and in general the hack has a greater degree of polish. Saves from previous versions are NOT compatible with this version. There is no postgame in this release; there is a v4 planned which will tie up the loose ends of the story, as well as feature two new islands-worth of content, and more items, Pokémon and legendary encounters.
    Previous versions: v3.0: [dropbox] [mirror]
    v3.0 Release date: 14th October, 2018
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Oh man, It´s been a good while since I last played the beta, which was up to Telmurk city iirc. Even back then, I already considered Gaia the absolute best fan-game I've ever played. And though I haven't been keeping up, I really look forward to play the latest version!


Enjoying the hack a lot, a lot of attention has certainly been given to the small details and it makes for a great experience. Congrats on the release and great job on the finished product.

Spherical Ice

Thanks for the kind reception!

Pokémon Gaia - Beta 3.1 Bugfix Release

Note: make sure that it says v3.1 in the corner of the titlescreen. If not, redownload first.


  • Fix certain save files not being able to challenge members of the Elite Four
    • N.B. Save files which were locked in a certain Elite Four member's chamber due to this bug will need to re-battle any of the other Elite Four members they may have defeated already​
  • Fix Sliggoo's evolution method, which causes a freeze when leveling up in the rain prior to reaching Level 50
  • Fix Kirlia's evolution method, which causes it to evolve into Gallade when leveling up with a enough Friendship, irrespective of gender
  • Fix the Escape Rope and Town Map thinking Archan Tunnel is entered via Windmist City when transported there with Herschel to translate the Tablet
  • Fix Eviolite also behaving like a Focus Sash
  • Fix the momentary unlocked state when using another Repel, which allows the player to encounter wild Pokémon, or take an extra step
  • Fix Mamoswine's inconsistent Level-Up rate, which causes Piloswine to gain extra levels upon evolution
  • Change the NPC in Archan Town's dialog, which incorrectly claims there are wild Nidoran to be found in Archan Hills
  • Fix the incorrect test script leftover placed on a statue in the Atsail Gym
  • Fix the Common Egg at the Edashore Nursery, which previously could not roll Minun as a potential Pokémon
  • Fix the typo in Bug Catcher Hank's dialog ("here" -> "hear")
  • Change the move set of Burglar Adrian's Malamar so it does not steal held items of the player (e.g. Lucky Egg)
  • Fix a hidden item in Edashore Reach which cannot be picked up due to altitude inconsistencies
  • Fix the movement permission of an impassible tile in Edashore Town
  • Fix some tile errors in Precimos Strait
  • Fix some tile errors in the Loamas Fields and Loamas Town barn maps
  • Fix Prof. Redwood's house having its door on the wrong side
  • Fix Pa's shed having its door on the wrong side
  • Fix Stance Change changing the nature of its user when changing forms
  • Give Mega Gyarados an Ability, Pressure
  • Fix Exploud's compatibility with HM03, Surf
  • Fix Manectric's compatibility with TM35, Flamethrower
  • Fix Clawitzer's compatibility with HM08, Dive
  • Fix Drilbur's compatibility with HM06, Rock Smash
  • Fix Excadrill's compatibility with HM06, Rock Smash
  • Fix Terra's glitched north-facing Bicycle over world sprite
  • Fix Arceus-Fairy's bugged front sprite
  • Swap the direction Marsh Boss Shinoya's sprite is facing
  • Fix the following Pokémon's bugged icon sprites:
    • Rufflet
    • Gigalith
    • Phantump​
  • Reposition the following Pokémon's back sprites:
    • Horsea
    • Hoopa
    • Volcanion​
  • [STORY SPOILER] Fix Rayquaza not disappearing after its battle, which can cause a freeze if the player talks to it


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Hello, I know you guys maybe don't like people using cheats. But I'm having a hard time finding a place with cheats for the game with the new update. Do you guys know any?


Finally! I had played Gaia v2.5 Beta back in 2016 and had absolutely fallen in love with it. Had been waiting for this and it was sooooo worth it.

I'd also like to go into some details with regards to my experience with the game (I played v3, just noticed that you had also put up a v3.1 bugfix, but I luckily didn't notice any bugs.)

  • First off, good job to the team, man! The game was very enjoyable throughout, and never felt stretched or boring at all.
  • The mapping was very crisp; I especially loved the Loamas Field Tiles.
  • The documentation provided proved to be very useful for finding TMs and Items before the Elite Four.
  • The dialogue for everyone - even the Elite Four, was very well written. Elite Fours hardly get any time to make an impression, but their dialogue truly made up for it.
  • I had noticed this back in 2016 too, that the game offers several VERY GOOD mons right from the beginning - Drilbur, Ralts, etc.
  • I could have sworn that Nina's Gym had no "puzzle" at all when I played this back in 2016. (I could be wrong, but from what I remember, it was just a linear path. You beat a trainer, he melts down an Ice-wall for you. Then you beat the next Trainer and rinse-repeat.) So this means you guys also tweaked the older parts of the game. Good job!
  • I remember wiping the floor at the Battle Marsh the last time but found it way more challenging this time around. The Rain Dish Ludicolo with Leech Seed and Protect really caught me off guard.
  • I really enjoyed the story as a whole - Morgana's outlook on the reverence of Pokémon was very well written and genuinely believable. Almost reminded me of Ghetsis for a moment. Except Ghetsis was two-faced, which just makes Morgana really stand out as a GREAT villain because she actually believed in her goals and wasn't doing this as an elaborate cover-up for something even more sinister.
  • When I heard that Herschel (sorry if I misspelled) was the only person to have ever mastered Molten Raze, I was convinced that he WAS the bad guy and was secretly helping the New Elders, so I was pleasantly surprised upon learning that he wasn't.
  • Finally, I especially would like to mention one battle which absolutely stood out - In Precimos Hotel, before obtaining the Tablet Idol that one burglar who tells you to be quiet and then proceeds to send out an Exploud and a Noivern - that was hilarious!

  • The game relies a bit too much on HMs. I get that HMs themselves were improved a lot, but I assembled my Team of 6 right before the 2nd Gym and there was no Water-type in it. So, every time the game required me to Surf, Dive or Waterfall; I had to go to my PC to fetch my Tentacool. My team also didn't have a Flyer, but my Gardevoir had Teleport until reaching the Elite Four so that helped a ton. Also, there were kinda too many Rock Climb spots. I was constantly heading to the Move Deleter to remove my Rock Climb afterwards. Basically, if HMs were made into Items... or even HMs were replaceable by other moves, it would have been much better.
  • I accidentally encountered and caught the Rayquaza before the Elite Four. I was looking for the TM for Dragon Dance and went the other way and boom! Rayquaza. Thankfully, I didn't fail it and caught it in a Relic Ball after burning it, but I guess Legendaries in general could have been prevented by some NPC until you beat the Elite Four or something? Cause the Rayquay was Level 70 and the Champion's highest mon was Level 60. I mean, I didn't use the Rayquay in battle but damn, that was a very powerful crutch to be handed that early on.
  • I know that the movesets are from ORAS, but I think a few changes here and there would have been nice. I mean, its weird how Ampharos, a Pokémon associated so much with light, doesn't learn some obvious light-inspired moves like Flash Cannon or Dazzling G-- ah, I mean Magic Shine. Also, Phantump really struggles until it becomes a Trevenant. Even then, I had to teach it Shadow Claw and Grass Knot and then had it relearn Horn Leech at Edashore. Maybe a Razor Leaf around Level 20 would have really helped.
  • The Regigigas battle was... weirdly easy? Morgana's Regigigas kept using Crush Grip only. Against my Trevenant. That was slightly underwhelming. I Leech-Seeded and Will-O-Wisped it to death.
  • Also, I'm dying to find out how Morgana got access to Molten Raze now. The fact that she also had a Salamence only who used it... Only later for her team to not have any Salamence makes me think that somehow it was Herschel's Salamence that she used. Whether he lent it to her not knowing what she'd do with it or she stole it, is questionable, really. But I don't think it was just the Tome by which she got Molten Raze.
  • The last Gym's puzzle was... oof. Let's just say I spent quite a chunk of time to figure it out. The strength puzzle layout still haunts me in my dreams. Send help.

And lastly, here's my Team for the Elite Four. Just felt like sharing it :)


The true MVP:

MVP 2:

The Mega:

The tool: (Intimidate was sooooo useful) (Yes, I ran Head Smash over Stone Edge, sue me)

The stall to end all stalls:

Overall, it was really enjoyable! Can't wait for v4 already! Now excuse me, I have to achieve that 100-win streak at the Battle Marsh... :P
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Mr. Gela

Elite Trainer
Minor issue(s): (3.1)
What's that city with the museum called? Aerous right? Well, when entering one of the houses to the top-left of the map, before you reach Oppos' house, you'll momentarily see a bunch of sea tiles in the middle of the trees on the top-right of the screen. These tiles aren't seen from behind the house itself.
Also, the Bicycle shop has a "location signpost" which I'm not sure is intended as most inside locations don't have one.

I wonder when will I find the password for a certain lock in that city... By the way, love the hidden item locations.

Spherical Ice


Pokémon Gaia - Beta 3.2 Bugfix Release


  • Rename Edamist Steppes to Edamist Heights to better reflect its geography
  • Change the road block in Aerous Road
    • As some Trainers are available earlier, Fernando's Pokémon have been raised a few levels
    • Similarly, the wilds in Aerous Road are slightly lower
    • The first two Trainers in Aerous Road are also slightly lower
    • The Super Potion in the bare spot of grass is now a Potion
    • The Painter in Aerous Road also shows up in the queue and indoors of the Aerous Art Club​
  • Change the New Elders encounter in Frostbite Cave to be less of an ambush
    • The player is not forced directly into battles with the Grunt and Elder Knight Eunice
    • The battles are instead initiated when the player tries to talk to Eunice or walk past her
    • Some of the dialog was rewritten
    • The map was made slightly smaller to make it clearer that this is the exit of Frostbite Cave​
  • Change the Braille puzzle's hint in Ferre Ruins to be less cryptic
  • Change the events in Precimos Island so it is (hopefully) more clear where to go after defeating the Gym
  • Make Hidden Power display its type for the Pokémon it is being taught to, or known by
  • Fix the combination lock input box occasionally showing up to 7 digits, when only 4 are needed
  • Fix the impassible tiles outside of Redwood's house in Archan Town
  • Fix Cranidos' evolution method, so it actually evolves into Rampardos
  • Fix Pokémon with inconsistent level-up rates, which causes them to gain levels upon evolution
    • Porygon-Z
    • Greninja​
  • Fix Rotom's compatibility with TM34, Shock Wave
  • Fix Bisharp's compatibility with Sucker Punch from the Green Shard Meister
  • Fix Maractus' incorrect weight
  • Fix Mienshao's Ability order so that Mienfoo does not swap its Ability when evolving
  • Fix the reflection tile errors in Cosmic Caverns
  • Fix the reflection tile errors in Nestpine Town
  • Fix a plethora of bugged icon sprites
  • Give the Pokémon with no Ability the following Abilities:
    • Mega Glalie: Refrigerate
    • Mega Ampharos: Lightningrod​
  • Make the textboxes of Coulter and Prof. Redwood actually disappear after they are finished speaking in Redwood's house
  • Fix the text colour inconsistencies with the Diving Tour lady's dialog in the cutscene in Precimos Depths
  • Fix Coulter's Surfing Pokémon blob still showing up in Precimos Depths after the cutscene takes place
  • Fix the Escape Rope's warp location for Wisp Forest and Rimewood Forest
  • Fix the border error in Nestpine Climb
  • Fix Empoleon's EXP yield
  • Fix the persistent money HUD after refusing to sell anything to the Relic Collector in the Precimos Hotel
  • Fix the palette for HM01 Cut to match its Bug-type
  • Fix the missing TM/HM compatibility for the following Pokémon's female forms:
    • Frillish
    • Jellicent
    • Pyroar​
  • Fix the incorrect battle background in the Telmurk City house where the Mightyena Thug is battled
  • Fix the incorrect script assigned to the right statue in the Nestpine Gym
  • Fix some tiles in Cosmic Caverns not spawning wild Pokémon
  • Fix Hidden Power's text description
  • Fix Boomburst making contact
  • Fix Ace Trainer Arnie's incorrect encounter music in Victory Falls
  • Fix Deoxys' overworld sprite not disappearing
  • Fix Crunch's description implying it lowers the foe's Sp. Def, when it only lowers Defense
  • Fix some tiles in Ignis Catacombs which display incorrectly when the fog weather effect is active
  • Fix Eevee and Flareon's erroneous compatibility with TM18 Aurora Beam
  • Fix the movement permission errors in Telmurk Swamp
  • Move Ace Trainer Elnora so she challenges the player regardless of the direction she is facing in Ikos Canyon
  • Fix some tiles in Cosmic Cavern which are not covered by the player
  • Fix Beheeyem's catch rate of 0
  • Fix Pidgey and Zubat's erroneously high experience yields
  • Fix Grass Knot's base power displaying at 20 when it should be --
  • Fix Leafeon's bugged Pokédex entry string
  • Fix the Snover and Budew evolution lines' incompatibilities with TM09, Energy Ball
  • Fix Sgt. Stone giving out Venusaurite when shown a Blastoise
  • Fix Pidgeotite being unobtainable [N.B. Players who already picked up a Pidgeotite will be able to pick it up again now]
  • Fix the Cut trees in Sabulo Cross appearing hidden when the route is entered via Sabulo Island
  • Fix some tiles in Valoon Way which are erroneously covered by the player
  • [STORY SPOILER] Fix the errors caused by the player being on their Bicycle when activating the New Elders event in Sabulo Island
  • Fix Roserade's inability to re-learn Weather Ball from Mrs. Move

Known Bugs

While this is a bugfix update, there are still other, known bugs. To see the list of known bugs, please visit the #known-bugs channel of Pokémon Gaia's Discord server. It is kept up-to-date with known bugs, and also indicates which bugs have been fixed internally (that is, bugs which have been fixed but the fix has not been released yet in a bugfix update). If you find a bug not at this link, please report it either here, in this thread, or in the #bug-reports channel of Pokémon Gaia's Discord server.




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It was a great pleasure to finally be able to finish this game after playing the incomplete version a while ago.

Mapping is superb. Pacing is strong. Story feels like something that would fit perfectly into the canon of offical okémon games. As a fan game creator, there's a lot to adore to here.

Thanks for sharing your work with us!
Been keeping an eye on this hack for a couple years now. Still haven't tried it yet (holding out for v4), but from what I've seen it looks very polished and made with a lot of care.

I was also wondering how much original music will be in the final release? I love the Windmist City and Elder Knight themes and they really make Gaia stand out from other rom hacks.

Still, great job, and I look forward to playing through the final release!

Spherical Ice

Thanks for the feedback! Music-wise, it ultimately depends on how much our composer is available, which sadly isn't much these days. That being said, I'll be sure to share any new compositions if and when they're made!

I've begun work on v4! First on my list of things to do was the title defense for the Champion! Take a look at a video showcasing the first Title Defense battle against your rival.

And some of the potential challengers in subsequent defense runs: