Work in Progress PokeForce - A Brand New MMO built in LibGDX

This project is a work in progress. The content is subject to change, and not finished yet.
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Oct 13, 2023


Oct 6, 2023

Note: This isn't our official logo, this is just a temporary logo.

Welcome to PokéForce - A brand new Pokémon MMORPG built in LibGDX. This project initially went under the name PokéRPG which can be found here, we decided to rebuild the game engine from scratch after around 6 months in a lapse in progress. In that time we realized that there were several things we could do better. So... we did!

So...what is PokéForce? Easy! It's a project built by fans, for fans. We're hoping to capture the spirit of the original Pokémon games while implementing unique features that would be typically be found in an MMO environment. In the last month or so since our rebranding we've made a bunch of progress and felt it was right to remake our original forum thread to properly showcase what we've accomplished now.


Pokémon Showdown API - Ideally we'd like to implement the complete Pokémon Showdown API which would allow for us to have an incredibly polished battle system that would be a 1-to-1 replication of Generation 9, and give us complete control over creating in-depth and complex NPCs.
Skills and Classes - We're intending to have several different skills that give you side-task to do during the typical game play session, whether it be for crafting purposes or purely for money-making. We want to give the players the opportunity to experience something different yet within-lore. In the Pokémon anime, especially in the earlier seasons you'd often see many different type of trainers who whilst they may enjoy the occasional battle, they typically had a completely different focus for their journey. We'd like to bring that to our project. For example - the Breeder Class would have specific advantages to breeding Pokémon Eggs whilst the Ranger Class would have specific advantages to catching Pokémon. These small differences can completely change what your goals might end up being in your journey. We'll continue to flesh this out as our project grows.
Multiple Regions - Essentially, we intend to release regions in a staggered-release cycle, i.e. we'll release Johto or Kanto and then within 6 months to 1 year dedicate our resources to producing and releasing another region. In addition to this we aim to create several custom regions that take inspiration from several of our favorite fan-games.
TBD - We'll continue to update this section as our project continues to grow. We are in a very very early stage of development and while we have definitely accomplished a lot, we have a lot more still to discuss and accomplish.

Screenshot of the month!

Screenshots - The best part! (We've placed this in a spoiler so you can view this at your own perusal.)
- Showcasing multiplayer capabilities.
- Showcasing player shadows.
- Showcasing night time.
- Showcasing a mock-up of what our UI would eventually look like.
- Showcasing our chatbox in a close-up.
- Showcasing our character creation screen.
- Showcasing our login screen, this is animated.

Lastly - with this being an MMO project, we haven't officially announced a specific timeline for when we will be ready to launch. We are however doing monthly development tech demos and would gladly welcome all Pokécommunity members to come and check it out.

You can find us at: - we hope to see you there!


Coffee Cup -
Cpt. Lavender for various asset files made in-house
Nintendo for their gameplay assets that we've scraped from the roms (tilesets, maps, pokemon data, move data, etc.)


Nov 11, 2023
Visually it looks incredible, and the list of potential features has me beyond intrigued. Sounds like a legitimately interesting MMO experience, good luck with development I'll be keeping a close eye!


Dec 31, 2023
Does this require downloading some roms and/or nds roms like Pokemmo? (it’s a great game and it looks good)