v20.1 Pokedex with Gen 8 Project

This thread pertains to v20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.


Aug 20, 2023
I'm having a problem registering a regional form in the pokedex after installing the Gen 8 Project. The Pokemon I'm trying to register is a regional version of Sewaddle. In base essentials, defining it as SEWADDLE_1 in the regional_dexes document makes it so only the regional form's entry is unlocked in the Pokedex, however, with the Gen 8 Project both the regional and normal form entries are unlocked. This is because regional forms are defined in the Gen 8 Project using SEWADDLE and then putting Form = 1 in the next line instead of just putting SEWADDLE_1. While this doesn't create any problems when adding them as an encounter or a trainer Pokemon, it causes a syntax error in the regional_dexes document. Does anyone have a solution to this?

I know that I could just define Sewaddle's regional form as a different Pokemon, but there's another Pokemon I'd like to add in the future where I use both its normal and regional forms, so I'd like to fix this problem now.