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Aug 24, 2020
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Hello everyone! My name is Sereza, and I'm the lead developer of Pokémon Humanity! Currently, my partner and I are in the process of character spriting and mapping. However, there is only so much him and I can do. So, we're looking to recruit!

(High Priority) Scriptor
Looking for someone who can script events and honestly do any coding

(High Priority) Composer
Looking for someone who knows their music!

Misc. Roles (Not High Priority!)
  • Pokemon Spriter
    [*]Trainer Spriter (Battle Sprites)

Plot and Themes
The Valora Region is unknown to many. They kept it this way for generations, until the events of Sword & Shield. The reawakening of Eternatus and space being overwhelmed by massive amounts of energy caused concerns for Valorans. Why?
Due to their spiritual connection with Legendary Pokemon, they could tell something was wrong all the way back in Diamond & Pearl. With the continuous mistreatment of Legendaries, Sw&Sh led to the breaking point: An unstable rift opening deep within one of Valora's mountains.

This caused the people to act. To come out of the shadows, reveal themselves, and plead with the masses to stop this mistreatment. Through this, the World Order was born. All regions united to keep their respective Legendaries safe.

Enter... you, the player, who has just made a spiritual connection with a Legendary beyond the portal. Due to this, you must venture through Valora and defeat the 8 Conduits in order to prove yourself worthy to traverse the portal and meet this mystery Legendary.

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The Conduits
Unlike other regions that have Gyms, Valora has Conduits. Conduits are the main reason why Valora chose to remain hidden: These people have developed such strong spiritual connections with a Legendary, that said Legendary has chosen this person to become their human vessel. This allows the Conduit to physically use abilities Legendary Pokemon can use. (inspiration for Conduits comes from Honkai: Star Rail and Aeons)


Navae (Nah-vae like fae) - Articuno's Conduit
I'll use Articuno as an example. Articuno's Path is of Wisdom. People who follow the way of Articuno value intelligence over anything. Emotions are a hindrance to rationality.
They're ice cold. Because Navae is Articuno's Conduit, her body temperature is lower than most people's.

The Characters (so far)
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male trainer 2.png

The Player

Professor Shera.png

Professor Shera

Features: Custom Pokeball (The Humanity Ball, its functionality is a spoiler), A story waiting to be unraveled, Legendary Pokemon Boss Battles, Tons of Fakemon and Regional Variants (WIP!)
Kit: Pokemon Essentials v21



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Method of Contact: discord - erirea (username)
Additional Information: My partner who is helping me with mapping and overall project work has been Hellparkour! He has been incredible!
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