Recruiting Pokémon Order & Chaos

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Aug 18, 2023

In fangames Pokémon Order & Pokémon Chaos you’ll explore the Kingdom of Leweka. Made up of 6 distinct African-inspired regions sharing the same Pokémon league ruled by the region's Champion. You will play as one of the current Champion Ekene’s children as you are heir to the throne, but first, you must acquire all 8 Leweka League Gym Badges and defeat your father's court the Elite 4 in order to face off against him in a ceremonial battle! However, you’ll be opposed by the cult of eco-terrorists Team Pyramid, seeks to awaken the Divine Pokémon who were sealed away over a millennia ago looking to reclaim reign over the land. Your first-hand experience encountering both the people and Pokémon citizens of Leweka throughout this adventure will help shape your legacy as Champion.


These games feature a new Rebreath mechanic using an ancient item to instantly revive your fallen Pokémon stronger than ever with either a new form or even evolve right in the midst of battle!

It also features over 150 new Pokémon and almost 30 new regional forms animated to perfection as if you were back in time playing Pokémon Black and Pokémon White.

A primarily black cast with voice talent such as the talented @oceanrayclark An original African-inspired soundtrack composed by the talented @nostalgiac_music With the story & games directed by the creator of the iconic Leweka Region, @Mykemon_Regions as its overnight popularity in the Pokémon community made these games possible.

To learn more about these games and their development follow Mykel Ryan on YouTube
and join our discord

The games are still in development, using Pokemon Essentials 21.1, we are looking for more help to bring these games to life!

We need even more responsible & passionate people familiar with Pokémon Essentials and prior experience to help with
•UI Designer
•Spriting, Tile or Pixel Art
•Pixel Animation
•Voice Actors
•Making Pokémon Cries

Contact Method: Discord (ID: mykelryan)

So if you're interested in joining our team in any capacity or just browsing what we have to offer feel free to join our community discord. We look forward to chatting with you. ❤️🖤💚
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