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Feb 16, 2022
Pokémon and the Fateful Wish, In a brand new region, with whole new exciting pokemons and forms to discover! The protagonist is a new recruit in the Pokémon Rangers where you get assigned to solve quests and challenges across many regions. As a new ranger, you will be assigned to go to a new region called, Dada region (place holder name), where you will come across many challenges and quests. In the region, the main quest is to solve a major issue caused by a strange phenomenon. Long time ago, there was a young girl called Adayaha, she raised by her Grandmother, and in one night, Adayaha closed her eyes and made a wish before sleeping. Little did she know that a shooting star came across that night and made her wish come true.. that wish changed the fate of the whole region. Pokémon Rangers were assigned to discover what and how that wish came true and help the people and pokemons of this region. Features:
  • New Fakemons special to this region
  • new regional forms
  • Outcast forms that play an important role to the story
  • engaging and new characters
  • Story driven game.
  • Pokemon Essentials kit is being used for the development of the game.
Looking to recruit:
  • Mapping Lead
  • Eventer
  • support in spriting ( OW and Tilesets)
I’ll be doing most of the concepts and arts and looking for people to help me making this game comes true! Please DM @ali760 in discord if you’re interested! Note, many of the images shared is in current development and may change as the game advances. Current stage of the game: very initial.


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