Recruiting Pokemon Repudiation

This thread's author is looking for long-term team members.


Jul 4, 2022
Hey, Pokemon Repudiation has been in development for the past year and we are gearing up to our version 1 release. Repudiation uses version 20.1 essentials on RPGmaker XP.
  • Project Title: Pokemon Repudiation
  • Looking to recruit: Mappers
  • Team Name/Team Members:
  • Kit used: Essentials 20.1, RPG maker
  • Progress/Screenshots:
  • Method of Contact: TheOnlyFelicity (My account is open to DM's and I am also in the relic castle and pokecommunity discord). Or Email me at [email protected]

    Pokemon repudiation is looking for members to join our team as Mappers. Mapper's are the main role we are looking for as we have a bunch of artists and custom tilesets made by our team but we lack the skills to create the sort of maps we are wanting to use.

Taking place in the 'Livna' region you and your childhood friend set out on a journey to explore the diverse landscape and characters. During your adventure to collect all 18 badges you will be solving mysteries, uncovering dark plots, and battling against powerful opponents. During your adventure you will discover the hidden history of Livna thats been lost to time, including how the region was discovered by the first Queen 'Sybella' and the intrinsic connection between Livnan Pokemon, people, history and the mysterious Kesem crystals that were recently discovered by Team Aberration...

Our game features a unique story and an episodic structure to give all our characters chance to shine in their own stories, 18 gym leaders, an Elite 8 and champion as our final battle. Increased shiny chances (1/100), entirely unique characters, character portraits to bring dialogue to life, over 100 regional forms and some new convergent forms, multiple characters and genders including non-binary options, a quest system and much much more!

Because of the scope of our project we would love to have people join us, and we hope you enjoy our game!