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Feb 4, 2017
It's that age old question, and you've got nearly 1,000 answers!

What's your favorite Pokémon? Why?

In terms of my favorite, I'm going to be cheap and take the easy way out by saying I have a few. And they're allllllllll corny.

1) Pikachu: I have had a stuffed Pikachu for like, 15 years now. It's survived being eaten by the dog, being washed, being thrown around, 6 moves, 3 states, and more. I love that thing, and it helped me through a lot of anxiety issues as a kid. In game, Pikachu is also a ton of fun to use. It's electric which is great typing, and has a fun mix of attacks. Plus Alolan Raichu is amazing.

2) Crobat: Second Pokémon I ever got to level 100 (first was a Pidgeot in Gold, which I flew back to New Bark town and fished Magikarp to grind the last few hundred EXP because I was a sentimental child), but as a kid, seeing this guy evolve because he liked me so much blew my mind and was so meaningful. Plus he was dope in the anime.

3) Bewear: Gen 7 best design, I love the concept so much.

4) Mewtwo: The OG, anyone who says they don't think Mewtwo is cool is lying to you.


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Apr 1, 2017
1) Pikachu: I have had a stuffed Pikachu for like, 15 years now.
My favorite is also inspired by a really sentimental and well-loved plush!
I have these two handmade Nidoran that I made with my mom when I was a lot younger - I believe they're just over seven years old now, created some time in the summer of 2010 - and I just love them! They're maybe not the most accurate to the design (a bit stretched and long compared to the rounded Nidoran most people know, haha), but they're utterly adorable.
So obviously Nidoran is my favorite Pokémon!

Aside from Nidoran being my favorite overall, here's my favorite from each Gen:
Gen I - Still Nidoran, duh!
Gen II - Ampharos! I first fell in love with it in Gen VI because of Mega Ampharos, but its Mega only really served to catch my attention - I love normal Ampharos just as much!
Gen III - Gardevoir! Again, I first started appreciating it in Gen VI - a Gardevoir was the centerpiece of my first serious competitive team. Said competitive team was absolute trash, as I hope you can gather from the fact that it was my first. But it was still really fun to raise the Gardevoir (and rise through the ranks of the Battle Chateau in the process) and it became one of my favorite Pokémon as a result!
Gen IV - Honchkrow! Diamond was my first game, and you know how just about everyone overtrains one specific team member in their first game and completely misses the point of training a full team? You'd expect that I'd be using the level 50 Deoxys I got from an event the same day I started playing, especially since it would have started obeying after beating Fantina and would have made a ton of sense for a weak noob Trainer like me to use as soon as I could. Nope!! See, I needed a "team ace" long before Fantina, because I got super stuck on Gardenia. Enter my brother, who actually understood type effectiveness - and it turned out that that Murkrow I'd caught in Eterna Forest, Foggy, wasn't just worth catching because she was rare (actuallyIdidn'tunderstandthegendersymbolssoIthoughtshewasmaleatthatpoint), but because, as a Flying-type, she was my best Pokémon to use against Gardenia! And as a ditzy seven- or eight-year-old, I interpreted this as "she was my best Pokémon to use against everything!" So here we have Honchkrow becoming my ace team member, actually outleveling Cynthia's Garchomp (althoughtherewasn'tmuchteamsupportsoshefaintedandgotRevivedaTON) by the time I got to the League (speakingoftheLeagueIthinkIrealizedshewasfemalearoundwhenIwasfightingLucian), and overtaking my starter and a freaking Deoxys as the Pokémon I decided was worth raising. Definitely a super close second to Nidoran!!
Gen V - There's no story behind this, which is unfortunate because Generation V has such utterly amazing Pokémon all around that I have the hardest time picking a single favorite from it in the first place... but I'm going to go with Volcarona for design alone! Other favorites here include the Mienfoo and Oshawott lines!
Gen VI - Zygarde! Okay, let me just make this clear: Zygarde isn't just my favorite Generation VI Pokémon. Zygarde is also the single best Legendary Pokémon in the series. 50% Forme admittedly took a little while to grow on me, but if XY came out in October, I think it was by that December that it was my favorite Generation VI Pokémon - not necessarily by a great margin at the time, but it escalated as it became pretty much my symbol/my most iconic Pokémon on a number of sites. When its other forms were finally revealed, I loved their designs right away from an aesthetic standpoint, though I was admittedly baffled at first by the seemingly random choices of forms - that certainly didn't mitigate the sheer awesomeness of each one, and 10% WAS LITERALLY JUST A COOL DOG WITH A COOL SCARF, YOU GUYS!!! You know that feeling where you just want to like something, so you're willing to ignore a few flaws? That was how I felt at first - its forms weren't the awesome Mega Zygarde serpent I was expecting, but they were still cool, and that was all that mattered. ... And then as soon as I learned the connection to Norse mythology and that they weren't random at all, I became still more enamored. Zygarde has one of the most intricate design origins of any Pokémon, and I could ramble okay maybe I have rambled is the better word choice here... oops about why they're simultaneously perfect designs, creative concepts and actually totally logical in-world (you ask "since Zygarde doesn't know about Norse mythology, why did it pick those shapes for its incomplete forms?" WELL a slim beast that relies on sharp teeth and speed rather than crushing force and defense is going to be your best choice if you have very few cells, while being nearly flat gives it the biggest surface area possible to intimidate foes and appear stronger than it is, and continuing with the idea of "appearances," CORE ENFORCER IS THE SINGLE MOST FLAMBOYANT SIGNATURE MOVE EVER and you can't deny that it's trying to be imposing even when it can't enter Complete Forme). And don't even get me started on my theory on the story in the Scary House-- okay I'll stop.
Gen VII - Primarina! It was just... exactly what I wanted. The entire time. And it just kept getting better. When the SM trailer came out, Popplio was my favorite right away, and I prayed that it wouldn't be a creepy clown and resolved that as long as it wasn't, I would pick it without a doubt. Then all of those leaks happened, fake and real - and Primarina, though we didn't know its name then, was my favorite Popplio evolution out of all of the leaks and every fan's prediction art. More boldly, it was my favorite of any of the starter evolutions, fanmade or allegedly leaked. And then Trials were revealed... and Mallow more or less confirmed it for me: that set of leaks was real. I was SO HAPPY YOU GUYS. And then when the middle stages were revealed, any doubt I had was swept away and I was now positive Primarina was real. Finally, my focus switched from "is it real?" to "what type is it?" when I came to realize that, considering that nearly all of my favorite Pokémon in Gen VII were Fairy-type except the Popplio line, I would actually probably do a mono-Fairy run or as close to it as I could get. I figured it was a reasonable guess, though I couldn't help but worry it might be Water/Psychic or Water/Ice or pure Water instead. AND IT WAS FAIRY!! But it goes beyond just being everything I wanted during the prerelease period - it's also super fun to use in-game! This is one of the first times that I've felt like my starter was genuinely my "main Pokémon" - even though I did a mono-Fairy run and obviously got a Mimikyu (Mimikyu, for those who don't know, are wont to be crazy-overpowered), Capensis, my Primarina, is still one of my favorite Pokémon to use, especially now that he's been properly EV-trained, given an Assault Vest (and my goodness he is a tank), and been generally prepped for Battle Tree use. He may have fallen behind my Mimikyu in-game, but I actually use him more in the Battle Tree. I love him so much. Primarina is great.


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Apr 1, 2017
My pick is clearly Raichu. When I was a really little kid I loved Pikachu like everyone else, but as time went on I realized people would only talk about Pikachu and that made me a bit upset for some reason but Raichu grew on me as I got older. Plus, he's still nice and tubby and perfect for cuddles unlike Pikachu who's no longer the fat cutie I remember. But good on him for losing some weight I guess. Also, Raichu using Surf in Pokemon Stadium was so cool since he rode a wave on his tail. Speaking of surfing Raichus, I actually really like Alolan Raichu and even though Psychic is also one of my favorite types OG Raichu is still my fave.

I've got a whole lot of Gen 1 favorites like Victreebel, Rhydon, Starmie, and Dodrio. They're all just pretty cool to me and I love the power behind them.

I have a lot of honorable mentions but there's only a few of them that I can really say anything about.

For one, I really love Gothitelle because having one would be pretty neat. You'd have someone to talk to telepathically and with Gothitelle especially you could talk about the stars and pretty much everything in space (and find out when you're gonna die :eyes:) and that sounds like a really chill time to me. I also hold what I presume is an unpopular opinion which is that Gothitelle is actually really pretty. If you've ever seen people draw it with its "hair" done up all fancy it's really dope.

Scyther has always been great in my book for how imposing it is, but I totes like Scizor and Mega Scizor a lot more. It hits like a truck, resists 8 types with an immunity to one, has a great (though albeit edgy) color scheme, and it can't learn Fly for some reason : unamused: A Scizor from the GTS was actually my first level 100 Pokémon.

This type thingy pretty much sums up my favorites tbh, except I goofed and put Latios on Psychic instead of Gothitelle.


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Mar 24, 2017
I think it goes without saying that I like Dragonite. It's yellow, it's derpy-looking, it has squiggly antennae and it still hits like a truck. To pad this out a little I'm going to steal Hematite's idea and do one for every generation.

Note that these are subject to change. Most of them are because of their design.

Gen II - Ampharos
Gen III - Blaziken - this was cool before the Speed Boost ability, go away.
Gen IV - Lucario
Gen V - Chandelure
Gen VI - Greninja - mainly because I named mine "Tongue Tied" and got screamed at by my friends.
Gen VII - The whole thing was so unmemorable to me that I still can't name anything in this one besides Solgaleo and Lunala so Solgaleo, I guess.


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Apr 1, 2017
Following Hematite and Dragonite, I also organized my favorite Pokémon from each Generation. However, to this day, I still can't say which Pokémon is my favorite.
Also, sorry for loving cats/doggy things way too much.

GEN 1 - Arcanine/Sandslash, I used to love Arcanine, but recently Sandlash has been growing on me for a while. And that shiny!
GEN 2 - Raikou, my favorite legendary. Nuff said.
GEN 3 - Absol, especially the Mega. It looks like an angel of death. Typhlosion was very close
GEN 4 - Luxray, just a cool electric lynx with anime hair (not my ultimate fav, but Gen 4 is kinda weak)
GEN 5 - Samurott/Archeops, my favorite starter (final evo) and favorite fossil, especially those colors!
GEN 6 - Chesnaught, it's not my favorite starter, but I connected a lot with it during my first adventure in Kalos (God, I miss X and Y. I think I'll buy Y again)
GEN 7 - Silvally, it's just so fucking cool! It's a hybrid, cat thing with a majestic crest. What more could I want? Also, Decidueye, Tapu Koko and Golisopod are pretty cool too

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Mar 24, 2017
A favorite Pokemon is super easy for me to pick. Shuppet. I've always thought paranormal and "undead" things to be really cool (If my profile picture doesn't kinda give that away haha). For some reason, whenever I first saw Shuppet back in Sapphire, I just fell in love with it. It immediately dethroned the, at then champion, Haunter, and has been my favorite ever since. Nothing ever seems to top it for me.

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Apr 15, 2017
Ooh okay let's go.

My all-time favorite since the 5th gen has been Archeops, it's got a super cool design that uses all of my favorite colors and it's based on one of my favorite real-life animals, the microraptor. Lots of my other faves are from the 5th gen, like Reuniclus, Scolipede, and Volcarona... I guess that explains why it's my favorite generation overall.

In terms of a per-gen basis, it's:

Generation 1 (Kanto): Charizard. It's a freakin' fire-breathing dragon. (yeah i know it's not dragon-type except for one of its mega evos but SHHHHH.) Charizard is IMHO one of the objectively coolest and best Pokemon designs and is one of my all-time bros forever and always. Articuno is a close second.

Generation 2 (Johto): It's a cross between Quilava and Umbreon. Quilava was my first-ever starter Pokemon in my first game ever, Gold, and I liked its design better than Typhlosion so I held off on evolving it for the longest time. And Umbreon is just a really cool eeveelution with a great design, that is also super useful in battle.

Generation 3 (Hoenn): Plusle. Now, hear me out. Plusle used to be my all-time favorite Pokemon. It's so friggin' cute... and I raised one in Sapphire to level 100. (Ok, so I *may* have used a Gameshark to get 999 rare candies, but...)

Generation 4 (Sinnoh): Shaymin I think, because the first-ever fangame I ever worked on was a now-abandoned project called Pokemon Amber Version. Shaymin was the mascot and I designed a whole lot of extra alternate formes for it.

Generation 5 (Unova): See above! Gen V best gen.

Generation 6 (Kalos): Goodra as well as its pre-evos. I love these slimy slug dragons! Goomy is adorable and silly, Sliggoo is cute but somehow sinister, and Goodra is just a really fun design IMHO.

Generation 7 (Alola): Mimikyu. It's so... cute... and creepy... I love it... Oricorio is a good smol birb too.


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Jun 28, 2017
My absolute favorite is Absol.

... Bad joke, I know.

But yeah, my top two Pokemon are Absol and Latios and they switch places every few years, really.

Closely following them are Midday Lycanroc, Noivern, Flygon, Silvally, and Umbreon.


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Apr 2, 2017
My absolute favorite pokémon is giratina! (Preferably altered forme over origin forme, but origin forme is okay, too.) I'm not entirely sure why; I've always liked it that little bit more than dialga and palkia, but that was about it. I guess it's probably a result of an old fanfic I was planning out once. Giratina somehow wound up as the main character, and through some unknowable machinations the big ol' grumpy antimatterpillar managed to endear itself to me. I've loved it ever since! Also ghost and dragon is a super fun type combination, wow.

And sure, favorites from each gen, why not? Aside from my current top two (giratina and skiddo) my favorites tend to fluctuate every so often, but as of right now I'd probably say...

Gen I: It's probably one of jolteon, kangaskhan or raticate (yes, really). Rhydon was actually my very first favorite pokémon, which I always find amusing since it was the first one added to the games, but yeah, these days it's one of those three depending on my mood. I like fast electric-types, I like big, burly, kaiju-lookin' pokémon with ridiculous movepools (oh, man, I miss the Gen I normal-type TM deluge so much...), and, I dunno, I just like raticate! It's a cute little bugger.

Gen II: Gen II is a hard one for me to pick a favorite for, because while I don't really dislike any of these designs (there are very few pokémon that I'd say I actively dislike at all, honestly), there just aren't many that really jump out at me as something I'd call a "favorite". Ho-Oh, maybe? Or feraligatr? They're pretty cool, so sure, we'll say those two for now.

Gen III: Blaziken was my absolute favorite pokémon for a very long time—I'm a sucker for a cool-lookin' firebird—although mega rayquaza miiiight be close to edging it out now. Maybe?

Gen IV: Giratina, obviously!

Gen V: Zekrom! Just super cool. Excadrill and serperior are close seconds, but zekrom all the way.

Gen VI: SKIDDO. It is the most precious thing that has ever graced this godforsaken world AND you can ride it around on both land and sea like an Adorable Terrain Vehicle, so it is practical as well as the cuddliest of cuddlefriends. I've said before that I can literally spend an hour gamboling around on skiddo-back in X/Y's Baa de Mer ranch. No lie, skiddo would be my number one favorite if I didn't have that nostalgic attachment to giratina. SKIDDO

Gen VII: Golisopod! Wimpod's adorable and all, but I wasn't expecting something so cool to come out of it. Also, I love the flavor from its dex entries. Give me massive terrifying murdermonsters that are serene and peaceful and gentle all day, every day.

Aug 20, 2017
Wow, it takes me back when I first started playing Pokemon, it was emerald version and most of my fav are from this generation(gen3), but I love Plusle and Minon more than any other Pokemon.


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Apr 18, 2017
Oh man, there's so many I Pokemon I really love... but I think I have to give the first place to both Machamp & Scizor. I mainly like Machamp because of the TCG, they sure made cards with some badass art. And while I like Pinsir, Heracross and Scyther a whole lot as well, Scizor just stands out a little bit above them. XD My favorites really change a lot though, there are I think about 50 Pokemon I really like a lot, but these two have proven themselves to be among my top 6 the most oftem of them all.

If I were to make a team of my favorites at this moment I think the others would be these:
-Vileplume / Roserade


Nov 12, 2017
My favorite Pokemon choices would have to be between Eevee and Leafeon. I love them both as they're the cutest lil' things ever and have pretty great shinies. I actually have plushes of them which I got for my birthday. I got a shiny eevee in my favorite fangame and made it a leafeon. It was the ace of my team and I loved it since. While I can't exactly think of a dream team involving either of those two since they're not as amazing in battle as I wish they were, they still hold a close spot to my heart.