Completed Pokemon Hatching Center : A browser idle / clicking game around egg hatching

This project is complete. Any future revisions will be bug fixes or small updates.
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May 10, 2022

Pokemon Hatching Center
Link to the game

Heyah o/ ! You might have seen me around with my egg games ideas... Well, i'm back with Pokemon Hatching Center (or PHC) which is pretty much the browser / original idea I wanted before working on Pokemon Hatching Project.
First of all, I wanted to say that this game is a tribute to two sites I used to play and love, PokeFarm and especially GPX+. So if you know them, don't be surprised to see some familiar gameplay / look.

The idea of the game is to provide the user an idle / clickable solo experience about egg hatching. Since the site is client oriented, you don't have to worry (except your save) about losing your stuff or see the site to close any time soon (or never ?). It took me around 7 months to build it. I'm bad at coding, and irl life drained me. But I'm so proud and happy to show and share this game.

I/ Features of the game:

As a simple Idle egg hatching game, you'll be able to get / breed eggs, hatch them and then train your Pokemon. You'll be (obviously) be able to get some Shiny in this game!

But nothing is better than a listing of what you'll be able to do :
  • Use the Shelter or the daycare to breed for specific Eggs
  • Hatch these eggs with a 1/256 Shiny Rate
  • Train / Evolve your freshly hatched Pokémon
  • Store them in a click to swap PC style with extandable boxes.
  • Buy some special eggs (Novelty, Legendary for examples) in the Token Shop. You can earn Token by interacting with other eggs / Pokemon
  • Go to the Shop to buy evolvution items and deal with your inventory.
  • Interact with other eggs or Pokémon. You could even see some Shiny.
  • Playable on PC or Mobile (okay not the best experience, take care to scroll from left to right for the navigation bar)
Don't hesitate to look at the Help part of the game for more infos !

II/ Roadmap:

The game has been released for a little week now, but I'm still working on daily updates. But the major updates planned for the game (in no specific order) :
  • A Pokédex
  • All missing forms (all Pokémon up to the last games are available)
  • Visual updates
  • More Items
  • A PC app for a better idle experience
I'm open to the suggestions and try to be as active as possible on the Discord to handle this.

III/ Credits

Moreover than the big thanks to GPX+ / PokeFarm for the inspiration and all these years of fun; I wanted to thanks all people who helped me for debugging, finding new ideas or even helping me for the gameplay during all these months.

Ressource wise :
IV/ Screenshots

To give you an idea of the game, here're some screenshots based on the new (temporary?) dark mode coming today on the game :






As a last note, I'm looking for some graphics contribution: I'm looking for more egg sprites, to give an unique identity to the game, but also looking for some spriters that would like to create some Novelties and see their creation to be alive in the game. You can find the Google Doc

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll enjoy the game <3