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Pokemon YOU: The community made fan game

What should the name of the game be

  • Pokemon YOU

    Votes: 3 21.4%
  • Pokemon Create

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Pokemon Power

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • Pokemon Everyone

    Votes: 2 14.3%
  • something that has to do with the story

    Votes: 8 57.1%

  • Total voters
First off, the title is a work in progress. Basically all that this is is a fan game made by the people (of Relic Castle and the other places I post this to) and compiled by me (I put all of your ideas together). The way that I am doing this is I am going to throw some (basic) ideas around and then you guys can make it into whatever you see fit (or come up with absolutely anything). So lets go...

I just want to go over a few rules
1. Don't say anybody's work is bad, that's just not cool
2. Don't spam your work in the comment over and over, if I don't show it in my update post that probably means that it didn't fit well for the game (I defiantly saw it, I will look at all of your work)
3. Only submit work that is created by you and you only if you are submitting work that means you are letting me use it in my game and have know problem me put your name in the credits

Also please tell me the name you want in the credits if you don't I will just use your username
And if I don't use your work that doesn't mean it is bad it just means that it probably just didn't fit in the game (same goes for if I changed your work a little)

And here are some basic ideas that I have (feel free to do whatever you want to the ideas any idea is welcome)
- Get rid of the whole gym/trial thing
- Have the starting map on a mountain (maybe volcano)
- Lots of fakemon
- Not the FRLG tileset (HGSS or maybe the one I used in my Pokemon Prime game)
- A ghost tree Pokemon
- A fire psychic type
- No professor
- An evil team that is actually a threat

I know those idea are a little broad, but I want you to expand upon my ideas and truly make it the community fan game.

A few more quick things...
- I will be doing stuff on Pokemon YOU on my YouTube channel EEVEElutionaire
- If you are going to give me a map don't just give me the picture but give me the map
- Put anything that has to be downloaded on something like MediaFire
- Any tilesets that come from the original games do not apply to rule 3
- You can suggest for me to add anything into the game that is open source (something like follow Pokemon or EBS)
- I am not that great at coding so anything that doesn't use the event system that you want in the game has to be coded by you or be open source
- Give a link to anything open source
- Show a picture of your artwork
- Feel free to give suggestions on anything (even the title)
- Finally I am still working on Pokemon Prime if anybody is wondering

Thanks for anything you submit, EEVEE

EDIT: After some advice I have realized that the way I was originally going to do this (letting me decide what gets into the game and what doesn't) doesn't make this a community game and so I am going to let you tell me what goes into the game and what doesn't.
Example: Someone posts something about the story, I will put that into the game because nobody has said otherwise. After this somebody else posts something about a whole different story, in order to get that into the game people need to tell me why that needs to be put into the game and get some people to agree.
Anything that contradicts something that has already been added (story, starter choices, evil team...) will have to go through this process. I hope this makes it a little more of the community game I want it to be, EEVEE.
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While this is allowed, I just want to make sure the following is clear:
A) This isn't a project officially sanctioned by Relic Castle. (eg. not a community project)
B) The administration would prefer if projects/events run by members didn't have Relic Castle in the title.

Other than that, all good! Here's hoping it goes smoothly!
So sorry about that Deo, I will change it back to Pokemon YOU. I juts put Relic Castle in the name to show that it was made the community. Thanks for letting me know.


Someone who does something.
I'm not trying to sound rude or critical or anything, but my main problem is that, from what I read, it doesn't feel much like a community project. It sounds more like people submitting stuff for a game, and then you go through and decide what you want to use, and even making changes to it. Which kinda defeats the community project aspect. Not much of a community project when a single person chooses what to use and even changing it to fit what they want more.

That said, if you really wanted to do a community fan-game I'd recommend doing something more like what Relic Castle Makes a Game did on the old forums. Basically, the game's project files got passed around to different people who had a day or so to add in whatever they wanted - keeping a list of changes they've made - before passing it on to the next. It takes a bit of planning and set-up, but the community would be more involved.

Or, at the very least, let the community decide what's used in the game, rather than you. Because when you're the one who's going through and approving/denying work and the community doesn't have a say, it's no longer a community game, but rather your game.
If I can, I have 2 ideas for fakemon that I've wanted to see in a game but since I can't draw or make a game maybe this is my opportunity to have them come to life in this game.

First one is a timber wolf pokemon: Grass/Steel that turns bi-pedal in its last evolution and maybe carries some sort of axe or has an axe tail.
Second one is one of those rare pink amazon river dolphins: Water/Psychic being that dolphins are supposedly smart i think psychic as a secondary typing makes sense.

I don't know how or if you guys can make this since I don't draw and not I'm not sure if you guys have an artist yet to do fakemon, either way I'm rooting for this project.


Human (?)
Honestly, this should've been called Pokémon Suggestions with how this turned out...
Speaking of suggestions, How about a god-like Normal type?
Wait, I just described Arceus. A really strong normal type then?
Regigigas. I'm describing Regigigas. A Poison-type legendary?
Isn't there a Poison-type Ultra beast? Those don't count! Just make it melted and toxic!
That's practically all edgy Fakemon in existence.

Okay, all jokes aside (I have no idea if that was funny or not), I'd always had the idea of making a fangame based on Hong Kong and recent political events.
Maybe the story can be about politics for Pokémon You?
(Dramatic narration, cue dramatic music)
Major scandals have exposed the current League Champion's corruption. The now (mandatory age) protagonist has been always more than eager to fight the Pokémon league, but as he travels further away from home, he realises that reality is less pleasant than he once thought...

Yeah, my brain's not working right now, I'll finish this later.


new and HYPED!
about the ACTUALLY THREATENING evil team i have a suggestion, (this is gonna be long but i'll try to be detailed):

Shadow CORP.:
#Basic information: An evil organisation that wants to build the ultimate pokemon of destruction by using the power essence scattered across some of the regions (especially alola and kalos because those are the regions that introduced Z-moves and Mega evolution and those are basically the source of those power essence) to make sure the strong (them of course) stays on top to rule over the weak (of course this strong-weak judgement are very biased and applies to pokemon and trainers)

#big stuff: Shadow CORP. is not afraid of going cruel, this guys are actually terrorist-like in their criminal activities, starting by invading the alola region
there they torture anyone who gets in they're way (things like slow cruel execution) in the invasion the players will engage in full war or guerrilla againts the military forces of shadow corporation the players will be aided by the local heroes and or trial captains (i know you don't want those in the game but they're here for guerrilla support only not for battling or trials) in this war like pokemon battles if you decided to add choices in the games, you maybe can put some crucial choices like who battles the bad guys and who defends and rally the town and even who got captured and tortured for information (GULP!..well...that got seriously evil, that being said,....you did said you wanna have an actually EVIL bad guys that actually pose a THREAT, but if you wanna kidproof the game just remove the cruel and edgy stuff.)


the leader will of course be based on me, his name will be Laesio (because laesio starts with the same letter as laserburst AND Laesio is latin for attack,assault,invasion,violation and even onslaught) he has no predetermined pokemon but.... i have some ideas

moves:flare blitz,brave bird,acrobatics,aerial ace
and holding a firinium Z

moves:aura sphere,close combat,power-up punch,metal sound
and holding a lucarionite

moves:Surf(coverage moves yay!),grass sword,grass knot,waterfall(coverage moves parade!)

moves:ancient power,draco meteor,dragon breath,stone edge

XERNEAS (legendary!!)
moves:geomancy,moonbeam,megahorn,light of ruin (because xerneas have absorbed the same special energy as the kalos ultimate weapon at geosenge)

moves:fly,fireblast,flare blitz,dragonrage
either charizard or lucario hold a mega stone, charizard uses charizardite X

the base is a steel bastion/fortress that can be moved with Laesio's orders this is because the key only open if his and his talon flame's retinas are both scanned at the center of the fort is a recreation of the ultimate weapon (like the one in kalos at geosenge town) this base will be used as a main base as well as a mothership due to it's movable nature this base would be mobilized and used at the final battle (the war, preferably in kalos)

and this could go great with destiny bond's idea about the conspiracy! we could make shadow corp. pretending to be a good company but secretly working undercover to corrupt
the whole region in secret until they reveal themselves by attacking alola!

( For admins and stuff i'll leave it to the others, i don't want to take the entire evil team under my control)
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I love all of the ideas you guys have gave me and would have really hoped to see all of these become reality, but sadly I neither I have the time nor resources (sprite artists, coders and such) to continue this project on my own. I have not gotten far at all and would completely welcome anyone to continue this project, or maybe even pass around a document as suggested, who knows. To sum it all up I can no longer compile this project (due to time constraints) and would greatly appreciate it if someone would continue this project for me. I do have one request of my own for however continues this project: Have fun


new and HYPED!
I love all of the ideas you guys have gave me and would have really hoped to see all of these become reality, but sadly I neither I have the time nor resources (sprite artists, coders and such) to continue this project on my own. I have not gotten far at all and would completely welcome anyone to continue this project, or maybe even pass around a document as suggested, who knows. To sum it all up I can no longer compile this project (due to time constraints) and would greatly appreciate it if someone would continue this project for me. I do have one request of my own for however continues this project: Have fun
but the thing is EEVEElutionaire you really shouldn't give up like this.....i understand that it's hard to find time for this things especially because this is non profit....but rather than completely shutting down you should just take things a little slower..if game making is your hobby, don't let it get stressful,.. take everything to your very own pace and it doesn't matter how long it takes or how good the game actually is what matters is that you don't get stressed and still have fun.But in the end if you wanna stop this project is entirely up to you. anyway good luck on your other and next projects EEVEElutionaire!

:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: