Brand new themes... again!

Hey everyone! 👋 I've got a few more site themes to share!

Have you been scrolling through the site, thinking the white background was a little bright? Have I got the solution for you.

The past few days I've been working hard on creating not one, not two, but three different themes to make Relic Castle a little easier on the eyes. I hope you'll try them out and let me know what you think!

You can take a peek at the themes below.

Check out this night theme! 🌃🌠

Oh, you didn't mean the night sky, how about a dark theme? 🖤🎩

If the previous two themes are a little one-dimensional, you might enjoy the warm tones of the orange and brown café theme, a spin on the classic RC theme. ☕🍫

Thank you Mashi for the ideas for the night theme, and ENLS for the ideas for the dark theme!

If you don't remember how to change the theme, just scroll to the bottom of any page! Right there in the footer, you can click on the little paintbrush on your left.

From there, pick the theme you like, and enjoy exploring the site!

I would greatly appreciate feedback on these! If you enjoy using them, if you spot anything funny, or anything else you think of while using these themes I'd love to hear it. Since these three themes are vastly different from the others, a lot of work was put into editing the color palettes and formatting across the site, and something could have been missed! Either way, hope you enjoy! 😄
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Aug 25, 2017
I love the night mode! I like the cafe mode too but I wish you could change the orange with the other theme colors, like cafe blue since I always used the blue theme before this. Either way I'm glad a dark mode finally exists