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I have finally gone through and added a whole bunch of Dark-type move ideas to the spreadsheet!

Interesting enough, this was actually one of the more difficult types for me, since the Dark-type is one of the most subjective things in the game, hence why most of my submissions are based on Dark-type Pokemon.
I'll probably go back in another day to completely flesh out the other details, but the basics are in there for now.

One more thing, is that the tab for suggested changes to official moves has also been tweaked. I highly encourage others to post about anything that they feel needs to be retuned, whether it's one move in particular or a major mechanic that accessed through a move, such as Trick Room or weather.
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I've thought up a move for Grass types you may want to include!

Status move, 10 PP, 0 BP, target self. The Pokémon loses its grass typing and raises its Attack, Sp. Attack and Speed stat.

This would be a way for grass types to cope with the many weaknesses they have while trading off their STAB for it. In my game, it'll be most useful for Sunflora, which will be able to regain it's Grass typing once when it gets sunny(the full ability is still a secret ;)), so it can use it twice while it's out.


i wonder if its okay to post ideas about status conditions (like in burned, frozen, paralyzed etc) here too

i may as well before i forget it:

Status condition: Rustled
typically a status condition that has a chance of occuring when hit by a grass type move - it decreases special attack of the inflicted pokemon by half
(grass type moves (and mons) tend to be relatively bad - some sort of buff really is necessary imo ;p - and vine wip and solar beam are really boring to use anyways)

imo the whole status condition thing needs a big overhaul anyways (like having multiple layers of burn possible...burn 1 would decrease attack by 20% burn 2 by 35% and burn 3 by 50%...but moves like will o wisp would hit with 100% accuracy then to warrant the nerf etc)...similarly with paralyzation
...and ontop of that id like to see pokemon being effectable by multiple status conditions...but i guess thats for another thread
Here's a move that I probably wouldn't put into my own game, but it's something that I once thought of as a way to "troll" competitive battling. So in fangames, this would probably mostly affect any Battle Tower or similar area of the game.

Hidden Potential
Type: Haven't settled on Normal, Psychic, or variable like Hidden Power; Special might be a better fit than Physical.
PP: 5
Accuracy: 100
Power: Variable
"The target's individual strengths are used against it."

The base power is equal to the target's IV total, times two-thirds, with a minimum of 60 (similar to the move Punishment). So against a Pokémon with 6 IVs of 31, the move's base power would be (6 * 31) * (2/3) or 124.
If anyone is looking for more inspiration in making new moves, here is a video about 101 moves that Poketuber Substitute came up with
At the end of the video, he said you are able to use them in any way you wish


Woah that's a lot of dark and bug moves. Mind if I mix it up a bit? (Wow though, you guys are really good at this!)

Neurotoxin (Special)
Type: Poison
PP: 15
Accuracy: 95
Power: 60
"The user fires a mind-addling toxin at the target. This may also confuse the target."

Electron Hammer (Special)
Type: Electric
PP: 10
Accuracy: 90
Power: 110
"The target is slammed with a heavily compressed blast of electricity, possibly paralyzing it in the process."

Flash Freeze (Special)
Type: Ice
PP: 5
Accuracy: 85
Power: 40
"The target is instantly frozen in place to do damage. This attack may freeze half the of the time."

Myriad Spikes (Physical)
Type: Steel
PP: 10
Accuracy: 100
Power: 80
"Giant steel spikes are shot in every direction by the user. Targets hit by them may flinch."

Gold Crusade (Physical)
Type: Steel
PP: 10
Accuracy: 95
Power: 70
"Shining with righteous light, the user launches itself at the target. This attack is super-effective on Ghost-types."

(I've got a bunch more if you want me to post 'em by the way.)


Dust Heal, a new ground type move excellent for filter-feeding pokemon like Corsola, Steelix, Palossand, etc. Basically it's ingrain that doubles in healing (1/16->1/8) in sandstorm at the end of each turn.

Please credit if using. Also, it was coded rather quickly when I was surrounded by family so LMK if it is buggy. Remove the Drain Boost line as that's a custom ability in my game. LMK if you want to know about that. (It boosts the draining power of moves by x1.3).

Edit: swept up the code, added in Drain Boost.
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I got thinking about how Mud Sport was buffed "recently" and thought it would be nice to come up with something similar for a few other status moves that aren't very useful in-game:

Aqua Ring (inspired by Reflect et al)
User's side is healed by ⅙ at the end of each turn for 5 turns, even if the user switches out.
(⅙ was chosen because anything less isn't enough better than Recover given the effect can run out, and is quite slow)

Charge (inspired by Flash Fire)
Boosts Sp. Def by 1 stage and grants a 2× damage boost to electric-type attacks until the user switches out.

Disable (inspired by Gen I Mimic)
User chooses the foe's move to disable.

Lock-On, Mind Reader (Telekinesis too?)
Perfect accuracy effect lasts until the foe switches out.
(This is still probably not strong enough to be useful, but I'd be worried about it giving the user perfect accuracy until it switches because of OHKO moves)

Magic Coat, Snatch
In addition, disable the foe's move if it was bounced/snatched.

Also, here's an original idea:

Permanent status that limits the PP for each move to 5.
Useful in conjunction with Spite and Pressure to PP stall the foe, move that inflicts it should be distributed mostly to Ghost/Dark types.