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    Mar 23, 2017

    Recruiting Bird Game/Bird Place/Something About Birds

    Discussion in 'Team Recruitment Archive' started by Dragonite, Sep 12, 2017.

    Not a Pokémon game, or a fan game of any sort, but let's see if this works!

    Looking to recruit

    Writer, and potentially an artist capable of designing repeating (or close to repeating) textures.

    I have put thousands of nerd · hours into this so far so I do not intend to mess around. Please be able to show examples of your writing/tile/texture art. I have school, a life, etc. too so I don't expect anyone to treat this as a 9..5 job but believe me, I know when people aren't interested in working.

    Programming skills aren't required since I'm going to be doing most of that but it'd streamline the process if all involved knows how basic computer logic works.

    Project Title

    Bird Game/Bird Place/The Aviary/It's something to do with birds okay

    Team Name/Team Members:

    - Dragonite
    - Jayrodd's kind of a consultant who I bother when I can't figure something out

    We are "Space Squid."



    (the name in the title bar is incorrect, I have since fixed that)

    I've taken more video than screenshots, here is a mixed media playlist of showing various parts of the game

    Method of Contact:

    Dragonite#7992 on Discord, forum PMs. I'll PM a link to the server Jayrodd and I use to interested people if/when that happens.

    Additional Information:

    The linked playlist above should give you a fair idea of how the game is going to work and play, but here's a little more information

    - Game Maker Studio 1.4.1757, you don't have to have a copy but again it helps to be able to understand basic game logic
    - This is a 3D(ish) game, probably somewhere graphically in between the fifth and sixth console generations.
    - It may help to think of this as a battle-less version of RPG Maker, as I've implemented (almost) all of the non-battle commands such as "show text box," "show multiple choices," "turn and walk," etc. Event "tiles" have not been implemented but I will probably be working on them soon-ish.
    - That is the extent of the game's mechanics, at least for now. I may do more at a later date but the game I'm looking to produce for now is much more about exploring the world and the people around you.
    - Music and most textures are currently lifted from various Nintendo games. I know someone who said they'd help with music later on but it'd really help if someone out there is capable of doing new graphics.

    More stuff

    - I live in the US Eastern time zone (GMT-5) but I usually go to bed fairly early
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