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Mar 19, 2023
Game Title: Pokémon Rose and Pokémon Iris
Engine: Unity
Method of Contact: Discord server, or DM sadegun93
Note: I am not the project's lead, but the head writer. Final decision would be up to them.
Looking to Recruit
  • (Paid) Lead Artist - Would be responsible for working with myself and the project's lead to head up the art team. Provides instruction, guidance, and feedback for the other three artists and help to ensure that the game's art and music has a unified vision. Payment, on a per-piece basis, would be discussed with the lead. All artists would be paid that same rate.
  • (Paid) Pixel Artist - Responsible for making and Pokemon and character sprites for the game. Aiming for a Gen V style. While animated Pokemon sprites would be nice, certainly not required.
  • (Paid) Concept Artist - Responsible for creating concept art for Pokemon and trainers.
  • (Paid) Composer - Responsible for making music for the game
  • NPC Designer - Unlike typical Pokemon games where most NPCs have one line to say and can then be forgotten, this game is aiming to have a portion of the NPCs be more unique and have dialogue that changes as the game progresses. This role would help to flesh out and write dialogue for these NPCs. Would be closely related to designing and writing sidequests, as these NPCs will likely be the clients.

Pokémon Rose and Pokémon Iris seek to deliver engaging, revolutionary Pokémon gameplay never before seen in the franchise, official entries and fangames alike. Players will explore a rich, detailed world, and experience a different narrative depending on whether or not they choose Rose or Iris, making each game unique beyond just having certain version exclusives.

  • Struggling region based off of Italy
  • Player acts as research assistant to local professor
    • Antagonists differ in each game
  • Much heavier focus on the genetics of a player's Pokemon
    • A Pokémon's ancestry would affect its weaknesses, resistances, and how it reacts to status conditions
  • Two new types: Rubber and Sound
  • Dozens of quests to complete
  • Renown system to reward players for their battle prowess and the quests they complete.
  • 300 Pokemon planned between original Pokemon, returning Pokemon, and regional forms

Region Overview

Pokémon Rose and Iris Take place in the Olvaen Region, based on nation of Italy.


Once the homeland of the mighty Rosalan Empire, the people and Pokémon of Olvaen enjoy the region's breathtaking ruins and historical artifacts and bask in its beautiful scenery. Like most other places in the world, Pokémon battling is one of the region's most renowned sports, with the most successful professional battlers enjoying celebrity status. The capital of the region, Rosala City, might be at the geographical center of the region, but north and south, the cities and towns of Olvaen make for incredible travel destinations.
In the centuries since the empire's downfall, however, it's found itself struggling more and more. The past two decades have gone down in history as some of the hardest since its collapse. This troubled region is the stage upon which the games' story is set.

Plot Summary

The player takes on the role of Julius or Julia Valente — first name determined by the player — a teenager from a small tourist town in northern Olvaen. Their Pokémon journey begins not as a quest for glory and adventure, but as a research internship for renowned researcher and family friend Sofia Laurel.

During their travels, the player encounters the Vendetta Della Iris and the Neo Rosalan Empire, two political groups with a common goal in helping their region to recover, and even similar methods, but a drastically different symbol to rally around.

The player, as well as their fellow trainers Niccolò and Emilia, find themselves caught in the struggle between these two groups and their allegiance to the two legendaries of the Rosalan Empire, brothers Rosalamus and Irememus.

Julius/Julia Valente

At 16, the player yearns to get out and see the world, having not traveled very far beyond the limits of their small town. The younger sibling of one of the Olvaen's League's rising stars, they have a natural talent for battling and a keen affinity for Pokémon. Their inexperience in the world, however, risks to make their long awaited departure more trouble than they could've imagined.

Niccolò Accetta

Niccolò Accetta is the son of the Olvaen League's Commissioner and former champion. A kindhearted boy, he's eager to please and prove that he's as strong as the trainers in his family that came before him. His quest for victory and recognition might seem typical of an up and coming Pokémon trainer, but does he even know why it is he battles?

Emilia D'Apice

The daughter of a once renowned researcher, Emilia sought an internship with Professor Laurel, before the player and Niccolò received the positions. She now researches independently, following in the footsteps of her father, whose own research cost him his career. A sincere lover of Pokémon, Emilia seems to travel more for the sake her research than enjoying the world with the Pokémon at her side.

Revolutionary Gameplay

Apex Pokémon are a phenomenon unique to the Olvaen region. They appear larger, stronger, and more ferocious than their peers. Researchers are still unsure of where they came from, though they appear to be closely tied to a Pokémon's genetic makeup.

Breeding has been a part of the Pokémon franchise for over twenty years now. However, unless someone wanted to build a team for competitive play, there was never much incentive to engage with the feature. In Pokémon Rose and Pokémon Iris, however, breeding and the genetics of your Pokémon take center stage.

Scizor might have a 4x weakness to fire, but if it's the child of a Flygon, who has a resistance, what happened? Why didn't it inherit any of that resistance from its parent?
If two Pokémon with the ability Limber breed and have a child without their ability, why can their child be paralyzed when the parents can't?

The games go beyond just accounting for who your parents were to determine how effective moves might be or how vulnerable you are to a status condition. Each type will have certain buffs inherit to them. Pokémon will have traits passed on from their parents or grandparents, granting them small bonuses in battle. If their family tree is made up of a multitude of types, they'll have access to a multitude of these buffs.

Your Pokémon's lineage will matter more than ever with these changes to breeding, which has also been overhauled to be much more convenient for players.

In addition to the new emphasis on breeding, players will find themselves interacting with two entirely new types of Pokemon: Rubber and Sound.

With their teams, players will take on the Olvaen Pokemon League, slightly different to those veteran players are familiar with. Rather than a series of eight gyms, trainers take part in a series of eight qualifying tournaments to accrue points, with the trainers who've earned the most then moving on to the finals, where they will fight it out to determine who will take the title of Olvaen's champion.

Although research and the league will be the player's primary tasks, they won't find themselves short of things to do in Olvaen. The player will be able to take on dozens of quests for the citizens of Olvaen, allowing themselves to learn more about the region and connect more with the people and Pokemon that call it home.

With all of the things that players can do, it's only natural that there would be some way to recognize trainers for their achievements. Trainers would earn Renown when doing certain things like progressing through the league challenge and completing sidequests. At certain thresholds of Renown, players would be able to earn various rewards for their efforts, such as evolutionary stones or held items.


The Olvaen Region is populated with hundreds of Pokémon. 300 are planned to be in the game at launch.
Some you've seen, such as Centiskorch. Others are new takes on familiar faces, like an elegant Fairy/Dark regional Gardevoir or a regional evolution to Doublade based on Roman weaponry. Many you'll meet are native to the region and have never seen before, like the three you first meet, and could take on as your partner.


Slombat - Natural born fighters, one of the first things a Slombat cub will do when learning to hunt is find a suitable apricorn cap to use as a shield.


Calflame - Calflame are prone to fevers because of frequent spikes in their body temperature. Recent research has found that this is actually perfectly normal, and a sign that it's growing properly.


Halbeave - Halbeave show signs of incredible intelligence even from birth. They show themselves capable of using tools and have even demonstrated weak telekinetic ability.


An example of a battle scene from in game.


An example of how a Pokemon's genetics might alter its appearance, as evidenced by Sandaconda's purple scales.


How shinies of a Caterpie might look, based on how their genetics alter their usual appearance.

Official Gen V Sprites
Unity - Game Engine
Wyrvern - Pokemon Art
Smogon Sprite Project - Pokemon Sprites for all Pokemon Gen VI and onwards
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Mar 19, 2023
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