The second Eevee Expo, a Pokémon Fangame Direct, is premiering on this Sunday (3/5) at 12PM EST!

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The Wind and Snow Continue to Stare
Eevee Expo is a Pokemon Fangame Direct organized by a handful of people to better showcase projects happening in the Pokemon Fangame scene!!

We're having our second edition coming reaal soon. Like, days soon. And it's a huge improvement from our last one. It's going to have news, trailers, and release dates for upcoming fan-games.

Here's a small collage of some of the trailers that premiered with the last Expo.

There's going to be a slew of new content to look forward to in the fangame scene this Sunday!


We hope to see you there! Catch us at Eevee Expo Premiere on Youtube, and catch the live tweeting of the event on Twitter as well at @EeveeExpo!
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