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Feb 16, 2023

Pokémon Conquest
For those that don’t know, Pokémon Conquest was released in 2012, developed by Koei Tecmo, and published by Nintendo for the DS. It’s a crossover between Pokémon and Koei Tecmo’s Nobunaga’s Ambition series, using the gameplay and characters from NA and 200 Pokémon spanning from Gen 1 up to Gen 5. It flew under the radar, only recently gaining more and more traction within the Pokémon Community. Today I’d like to present you with my take on the Ransei Region…

In a distant land and in a time not too long ago, far away from the modernized world of Pokémon, lies the Ransei region. Home to 17 Kingdoms, filled with Pokémon and Warriors. Some are content with living their lives out, but most dedicate themselves to combat, using their ability to connect with a Pokémon’s mind, body, and soul. Legend has it that if all 17 kingdoms are to be united under one banner, a powerful Pokémon will bestow them with a wish.

You’ll be playing through the many tales of the Warlords of the Ransei Region, warriors that hold the most power over their kingdoms.

Will you be able to finish the story?


  • New Pokémon - 4 New Pokémon were added in v2.0, Dunsparce, Golett, Golurk, and Absol. With v3.0, 5 new evolution lines are being added!
  • R-Style Pokémon - Pokémon that have adapted their body and battle style to the Ransei Region.

  • Move and Ability Changes - An overhaul of Pokémon moves and abilities to better fit both the Pokémon and the game itself.
  • New Moves - Moves not in the base game have been added to spice up the move pool and create interesting new strategies.


  • Reconquered Moves - Moves made for Pokémon Conquest: Reconquered that allow for new experiences.

  • Modernized Stats - Pokémon have stat changes that reflect their Gen 9/8/7 main game counterparts.

  • Harder Difficulty - Teams have been curated to create a rewarding challenge, requiring strategy and quick thinking.

  • Minor Tweaks - Changes that help streamline gameplay such as evolution conditions or warrior skills.

  • Creative Base - Reconquered can be used to influence and inspire ideas that can further build the Pokémon Conquest romhacking scene.
v3.0 Updates! (Releasing 3/24/23)
Pokémon Conquest: Reconquered v3.0 Coming Soon!

Since v2.0 was released in June of last year, I've been debating with myself on what I'd like the future of Reconquered to look like. I had plenty of ideas but was worried about how to execute them. But now, I know exactly what the game plan I want to present v3.0! Below is a list of all new inclusions and changes that'll be in your hands soon!

New Pokémon
One of my favorite aspects of v2.0 was the addition of the new Pokémon. I knew I wanted v3.0 to include even more so with the help of some fantastic spriters (Snap, Doanmit, and Soulja), I can make that a reality! The new Pokémon include:
  • Dudunsparce
  • Snom
  • Frosmoth
  • Jangmo-o
  • Hakamo-o
  • Kommo-o
  • Bulbasaur
  • Ivysaur
  • Venusaur
  • Ferroseed
  • Ferrothorn
  • Heracross

That's right, 5 full new lines (6 fully completed with Dudunsparce) all playable! The v2.0 Pokémon also features new and updated sprites thanks to their creator Snap!

New R-Style Forms!
3 new R-Style Forms now populate the roster, 1 of which is hidden unless you find it in-game (it is listed in the doc normally so be warned). I love the idea of R-Style forms so adding in more mattered a lot to me.

Buffs and Nerfs!
I like to say I'm more confident in the balancing gameplay-wise. Some moves and Pokémon needed to be knocked down a peg but some needed that boost!

Episode Rebalancing!
With the introduction of new Pokémon and player feedback, the main story and post stories receive modifications to feature a better flow. I highly recommend restarting or playing a different file just to see what kind of experience you have!

Add-Ons! (Coming post-launch)
These are NOT PAID DLC! Rather, these are Main Story gameplay modes that can give you quite the challenge. I currently have plans for a LC and an NFE mode so keep an eye out and give any recommendations!

Future Updates
Due to the small scale of Pokémon Conquest romhacking, some changes are currently impossible and being investigated. Here is a list of things that cannot be changed but when possible, will be changed:
  • AI
  • Pokémon Ability Effects
  • The amount of Pokémon
But I will try my best to update along the way to bring the best possible experience.

How was this possible?
How? Well with RanseiLink of course! RanseiLink is an incredible program created by Deijin. She spent many hours working on this editor that is the backbone of this project. Without Deijin or RanseiLink, we wouldn’t be this far in Conquest modification. To find RanseiLink, you can either follow the documentation below or by following this link:

Documentation such as the Read Me, FAQs, Changelogs, etc. are all in the linked Google Drive. Here you will also find the .rlmod file, for Reconquered.

Please note this requires a rom of Pokémon Conquest, which I cannot provide.


You can contact me on discord (WhatAUsernameIHave#0437) or on Twitter (@WhatAUsernameSD)!

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoy Pokémon Conquest: Reconquered! User out.


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Apr 6, 2023
The problem i've always had with conquest is the same 17 battlefields. Perhaps in the distant future of this mod you could encorparate a few more? Although I understand that is a tremendous ask


Feb 16, 2023
The problem i've always had with conquest is the same 17 battlefields. Perhaps in the distant future of this mod you could encorparate a few more? Although I understand that is a tremendous ask
It is technically possible right now (as I know if 2 other romhack creators trying it) I have no plans to do so right now. Since I’m only one person working on this, I just don’t have the time or skill to confidentially pull it off. If I receive help on this front then maybe in the future but I’m not specifically looking for it right now, sorry!


Jan 9, 2022
So there is a Warrior named Sen whose perfect link in the documentation is Gallade, but female warriors cannot have a Gallade. So I'm guessing that is a bug.


Game Analyser
Aug 24, 2023
I will say it, I have been waiting to see a Pokémon Conquest Sequel/Remake/+ kinda thing, I WILL have to play it when I'll have time.
On my DS, it says I have 99:99 hours and on my 3ds it says I have over 500 hours of playing it.
If you do continu updating the game, I will want to test every single of your creation onto Pokémon Conquest!

WhatAUsernameIHave, You are amazing !​