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    Apr 1, 2017

    The Great Relic Castle Fake Off

    Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Kimothy, Sep 7, 2017.

    (yes I am shameless and I watch great british bake off leave me alone)

    Hello, and welcome to the Great Relic Castle Fake Off, the biweekly challenge where you design Pokemon.

    How it works is simple - every other Thursday, I will randomly pick a prompt from a numbered list, and post it here. Some prompts are more vague, while others specify specific animals or objects. You then have until the next prompt goes up (two weeks) to design a Fakemon based around the prompt! Be creative, do some sideways thinking. If you want to do a full evolutionary line, go ahead! Stats, abilities, moves, Pokedex entries? Go nuts. There are no winners and no prizes, this is just for fun and to help you practice your art skills and designing Fakemon, as well as sharing ideas and receiving critique!

    First up, a few rules.

    1. Entries may be submitted in any form - digital art, traditional art, pixel art are all fair game.
    2. Unless the prompt specifies otherwise, NO Mega Evolutions or Regional Variants! Don't worry, I have plenty of prompts allowing those in the list.
    3. Please don't just submit Fakemon you've already designed, that's no fun!
    4. You are free to use the Fakemon you design in whatever way you like - use it in a fangame, put it up for public use, leave it in the abyss, whatever you feel like! However, do NOT use other people's Fakemon designs without permission unless they have explicitly stated anyone can use it.
    5. There will be no prompts during periods where any Fakeathon events are on. I would highly encourage you to take part in those instead if you're up for a real challenge!
    Have ideas for prompts? Feel free to DM me here, and if it isn't already in, I can add it to the list! (The actual prompt list will only have 100 on it at a time, but once a prompt is used it will be replaced. Please don't send any prompts regarding unused typings, they're all already in there.)

    So, without further ado, our first theme is...

    You have until 21st September 2017 to complete this prompt, best of luck trainers!
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    Mar 23, 2017
    Ayy, guess I'll be the first to post for this!

    So, shadow. That was certainly an interesting first theme, but it was a lot of fun to do, and I'm honestly really proud of what I made for it. They, uhh...they don't have names yet. B-but I do have reasons for the evolutions, and even types! So, first up...


    So, this little bab is a groundhog. And it is...well, it's scared of its' own shadow. It thinks that it's some kind of predator, so it keeps its' eyes closed out of fear. But, once it reaches level 26, it'll open its' eyes, and if it sees its' shadow (i.e. when the sun is out during the day), it evolves into...



    ...this. This is the daytime evolution. When it sees its' shadow, it goes feral out of fear of it, and starts attacking things around it. But, if the first stage were to evolve at night, and doesn't see its' shadow when it opens its' eyes, it becomes...


    ...this. When they evolve into this at night, they can't see their shadow. So they feel brave, and become a sort of protector for the first stage, protecting them from predators who would take advantage of their lack of sight.

    I had a lot of fun with this, and I look forward to seeing what everyone else makes!
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    Apr 1, 2017
    One of the first things I thought of when I read "Shadow" was a hippo. Why? Because they dive in deep water and sometimes the only thing you can see is their silhouette. So I made a little Ice hippo and a bigger Ice "hippo." He kinda ended up looking like an alligator but I think that's OK considering a fish can evolve into an octopus.

    The first stage is Ice while the second stage is Ice / Water.
    It evolves with either a Water Stone or by leveling up while holding a Water Gem, I haven't really decided on that yet.
    The baby isn't fully capable of swimming so he doesn't have the Water typing.
    Alternitavely, here's their shiny colors. I feel like they match the alligator aspect of the second stage pretty well.
    Thick Fat / Strong Jaws
    Hidden Ability:

    I don't have names for either of these but that's alright since I kind of want them to be known as "the fat hippo things."
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    Mar 31, 2017
    Hi, y'all.
    This is my entry for the first Fake Off (might want to rethink the name, sounds like f*ck off). When I read abouth the theme of SHADOW, I was kinda worried. I had no ideas and the ones I had were basic and mediocre. However, I went researching into the meaning of shadows in various mythologies and cultures. I came across several meanings across the world and one thing that drove my idea forward and that all mythologies had in common was this: shadows represent our souls after death. Though, I loved many different interpretations of shadows and couldn't decide which one to choose. So, I killed two birds with one stone: different forms depending on location, with each form corresponding to a mythology.
    Well without further ado, here's my entry!


    The first one is Reflith, a pure Ghost type. It's based on the incarnation of the moon (represents shadows) in astrology which is a Lilith. Its head is the shape of a quarter moon and it features a small star, representing one's spirit. Both these two shapes (the moon and the star), along with the coloration, are present in its evolution. It also has a sort of red scarf on it replacing a Lilith's wings. The name Reflith is a result of Reflection (shadows are a reflection of one's soul) and Lilith, of course.

    Asreaper (North) is a Ghost/Steel type. Based on Norse mythology the North form of this Pokémon is based on dead horses, but mostly on the Wild Hunt (some of you might know them from the Witcher series), a legion of dead knights that traveled the sky collecting souls on earth. They are usually depicted with an association to skulls and chains, being prisoners of their condition as harvesters of souls, which explain these features in Asreaper North.

    Asreaper (East) is a Ghost/Fighting type. It's based on Oni, demons in Japanese mythology. These are usually red or blue and have wild fur, claws, a couple of horns and carry an iron club. Areaper's mask is based on the traditional Oni masks. It's the most aggresive form of Asreaper.

    Asreaper (South) is a Ghost/Dark type, based on Egyptian mythology, but mostly on the classic representation of the Grim Reaper. It's bladed staff is a mix of a traditional egyptian staff and the reaper's classic scythe. It's coloration is mostly based on Egypt's tones of gold and dark blue, but its dark red cloak is inspired by Specter Knight from Yacht Club's series Shovel Knight.

    Finally, Asreaper (West) is a Ghost/Ground type, based on a jackal and coyote from native american mythology. In this mythology, the latter animal is associated with the moon. It's the simplest of the forms of Asreaper, but it still has the moon and star shapes in its design. It also has some red and white fur on its chest, similar to the feathers on indians' headresses. The coloration (red, white and blue) also is a reference to the United States' traditional colors.

    Asreaper's name is a combination of Asriel, the name of the angel of death, and Reaper.

    I hope you enjoyed my entry! Best of luck to everyone participating!
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    Jul 29, 2017
    So, it took me some time to think of just what I wanted to make for this Fake-Off. What's the best type of shadow to use? Well, I thought about it a while, and I decided to make a Fakemon based off one of the largest shadows humanity has ever seen: the shadows on the surface of the Moon.

    Heerie, the Shadow Pokemon.


    Classification: Shadow Pokemon
    Type: Fairy/Electric
    Dex entry: It never fights directly. Instead, it lights up the front of its body and manipulates its shadow to fight for it. Touching its shadow can drain the life force from its foes.
    Inspiration: Shadow puppets; the "Moon Rabbit" shadows on the craters of the moon
    Name inspiration: "Hare" and "eerie"

    When considering what elemental type this creature could be, Ghost/Normal was briefly considered, as was Ghost/Fairy. Ghost/Fairy was ultimately scrapped for being way too similar to Mimikyu, and Ghost-type was nixed because the creature itself isn't a ghost; it's a living, breathing Pokemon that just so happens to be able to manipulate its own shadow. In the end, Fairy/Electric won out, with a very different take on the regional electric rat. By lighting up its body, Heerie creates a shadow puppet to manipulate to fight its battles.
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    Heyo, I'm new around here, and I'd just like to say that I love the idea of a weekly "Fake Off'. I also like how it gives everyone a chance to show their work and give their creations meaning and a backstory. Anyways this sounds fun and I look forward to participating in more of these.

    So first of all, when I think of a shadow, I think of dark places, but in order for shadows to be present there has to be a light source. So why not have my fakemon live in a forest? Forests have lots of shadows because the trees block out some of the light with their leaves, and most forests can be pretty ominous in general.

    So here's my design(s) :

    Flandit ("Flan + Bandit") Grass / Dark

    The Innocence Pokemon

    "Flandit are very shy creatures, they often use their leaf cloaks to blend in with their surroundings and disguise themselves as shrubbery. While often in fear of other living beings, they are always intrigued with items that you wouldn't necessarily find in their environment, be it an Amulet Coin or a Poke Doll. Therefore they often collect things and even steal when the owner of the item is not aware or appears to not be much of a threat to the Flandit itself. When threatened, they try as much as possible to run away. But if they are forced to fight back, they aim to take the high ground, like climbing up a tree and striking from above. If it is not possible to gain an advantage, it will protect itself with status inflicting moves like Stun Spore, or even Confuse Ray.
    A common folktale related to Flandit describes it as the spirit of a lost soul of a youth who passed away deep in the forest. This might be related to why it is so intrigued with unique objects and toys, and how it acts very innocent. Notable moves include Leafage, Stun Spore, and Camouflage."

    ??? (Evolution of Flandit) Grass / Dark

    The Guardian Pokemon

    "When Flandit evolve into (no name yet), they grow a longer cloak and body, but gain a stronger sense of bravery as well. They become noble warriors that protect the young Flandit and fetch food and intriguing objects for them. Each (no name yet) are responsible for a group of Flandit and will even sacrifice their life to guard each and every one of them. Their preferred attack style is by surprise, including striking from behind or lowering their guard by blinding or paralyzing them. Notable moves include Seed Bomb, Night Slash, and various status inflicting moves."
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    Mar 23, 2017
  8. Kimothy

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    Apr 1, 2017
    Some really great designs guys, love them all! :D Alrighty, might as well get my entry in!

    So, this lil guy doesn't have a name, but he's based on the concept of shadow hand puppets! No-one's quite sure whether its dummy-like body or whether the shadowy hands contain the true brains, but it has been known to communicate to humans using its hands to make symbols. Some have even been taught to learn human sign language! I can imagine it being Ghost/Physic type and able to learn a range of moves including Force Palm, Wake-Up Slap, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, and various punching moves.

    Okay, so unfortunately, I'm out till late tomorrow, so I'm going to post this week's prompt a little early! Don't worry, entries for SHADOW are still welcome until the 21st! However, I've had a few comments on Discord that two weeks is a biiiit long, so I'm going to trial run a one week challenge this time! Please let me know what length of challenge you prefer! So without further ado, this week's theme is...


    Ah yes, the mythical Jackalope, a legendary critter featuring in tall tales from North America. Basically a rabbit with deer antlers. I'm excited to see what inspiration you guys can take from this!
    You have until 28th September 2017 to complete this prompt, best of luck trainers!
    On your marks...
    Get set...


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    Jul 2, 2017

    Since shadow entries are still acceptable, here's mine. I like cats and puns :>

    (pls accept the link until i can figure out how to post an image bc it's almost 5am and i need to go to bed)
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    Jul 29, 2017
    Name: Jackalop
    Classification: Magic Pokemon
    Type: Fairy/Electric
    Dex entry: When a Heerie evolves, its fur absorbs its shadow and it gains all of its shadow's powers. A popular Pokemon with magicians, it can make itself disappear at will.
    Inspiration: Jackalope, magicians' rabbits

    Since the prompt was "Jackalope" and my previous entry was based off the moon rabbit, I decided to make this an evolution of Heerie, which shares Heerie's typing. The name comes from "Jackalope" and "lop-ear."

    Another concept I had was to have a Poison-type jackalope Pokemon, since there is a real virus called papillomatosis that causes rabbits to grow horn-like protrusions in the effected area. This is not limited to on top of their heads, but the virus will grow wherever it infects the rabbit. In the end I decided against the idea.
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    Apr 2, 2017
    Grah. I'm still fighting with these things, so they're very much unfinished, but I'd like to get something posted before it stops being the 21st in my timezone, so eh. The OP says this is a place for feedback on these designs, right? Maybe some of y'all can help me. *punches artwork*


    Melanyan and Panumbra (Dark)

    (haha, go bad cat name puns)

    Melanyan is on the right, panumbra's on the left. Could've flipped them around first, I suppose, but oh well! They're based on black panthers, or rather melanistic leopards, in that said leopards totally do still have spots but they're just hard to see. Somehow that got turned into a line that starts out with normal spots that grow in size until they completely cover the body. And then also eclipses I guess because of last month? Yeah? Sure. Anyway panumbra would likely be really strong, sort of volcarona or arcanine-esque, because why not.

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    Apr 1, 2017

    I had this concept on, like, the first day, and most of the design sketched out by the first weekend... and then by some combination of school, being inconveniently sick and just outright forgetting about this, completely didn't finish it. So here is my Shadow entry, which I think is nine minutes late (OTL) but at least it's still the 21st in my time zone? XP You can tell I rushed the art because there are no lines, only enough shading to separate the flames from the markings for clarity's sake, and it's super messy all around. But I'm happy with the design, at least!