v20.1 Bug in Battle Animation Editor

This thread pertains to v20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.


Feb 10, 2023
I don't know if its only me who found this bug or if its not supposed to be a bug at all and there is a solution to it, if there is please let me know. The bug I found is in Battle animation editor I cant add new animations like for example for water shuriken there is move in software but no animation and in BAE I can't find water shuriken move in the list so try adding it with right format and made animation to it, saved it and everything but even after that the animation its showing is water gun which is a default animation set to any water type move that is not in the list. What's more interesting is that the last 2 battle animations - x-scissor and zap cannon, I swapped both their locations so for example before swap the IDs of those 2 moves are like 300-xscissor, 301-zapcannon and after swap its like 300-zapcannon and 301-xscissor and when I tested it interestingly enough now x scissor have zap cannon animation and zap cannon with x-scissor so it looks to me that the name dosen't really matter and IDs are the important thing if so where can I find that script to add the move and animation ID. If anyone have solution please let me know through comments.
Remember to compile, hold control when testing your game after you've made these changes.