Help Custom evolution animations?

Luka S.J.

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There's nothing to sugarcoat here; you'll have to manually code the entire animation. If scripting is not your forte, I'd advise sticking to more achievable goals, or using external resources to do your work for you. EBS for one has custom Gen 5 styled evolution animation (see screenshots in thread).


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I really don't want to come off as rude or suggest that EBS is anything short of an amazing public resource, but could I ask you to please stop advertising it in threads that only need one of its features? In particular, in this case, Serenade was actually asking about making his own evolution animation, not asking someone to do it for him or to direct him to a resource, so to offer an alternative you've already made doesn't really answer his question. This is actually a really good opportunity to teach someone instead of assuming everyone will always be a beginner.

Since you've done this before and have experience in this area, is there maybe any advice you could offer to people who are interested in making their own animations? You seem to be under the impression that it's too difficult for a beginner, but how could anyone stop being a beginner if the ones who can teach them tell them not to try?

All I really mean to say is that we're all a team here and would generally rather be able to contribute equally, and at least to me, it really feels good to have something I made myself in my game. It might seem like reinventing the wheel, but I see it more as practicing so that when a public resource doesn't solve your problem, you aren't totally helpless. It's better to learn and become self-sufficient than to be given things and told you can't be, right? So while it's tempting to direct people to the things you've already done, I think that as one of the most experienced scripters on Relic, sure everyone would appreciate learning from you instead of just taking the things you've already done!

And if not, that's okay, too - you're probably bombarded with questions about how to do things all the time and can't answer all of them - but it'd still be nice if you gave other people the chance to offer help instead of trying to push EBS as the solution.

I'm really sorry if this is out-of-line or insulting at all!

Luka S.J.

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The only reason I pointed to a resource that has what he is looking for (mind you, he can just ask and I'd direct him how to implement the evolution animation only - without the rest of the system; I didn't come here to advertise EBS, I don't care about download stats) is that the thread is incredibly vague on where he stands as a developer. If he has absolutely 0 knowledge in programming in Ruby, don't be silly ... he absolutely won't be able to make his own coded animation alternative today/tomorrow/any time soon. And I can't teach him my 9 years of experience in < 500 words. I, as well as other people, provide free and public resources/tutorials for him to learn, but if there is no common language between us (e.g. if he has absolutely no idea what different loops are), there is nothing any of the coders can tell him here at this point except: a) use an existing resource b) learn how to program first.

I don't see why providing him with a resource that does what he wants is ill will. Especially if there is base code in there that he can study from (yes I bring that up now because you have an issue with my reluctance in teaching people), when the open-source code provides adequate information there that he could learn from. We are a team here, and imo giving him something rather than nothing is way more productive. Let's leave the feelings at the door, and deal with the realistic tools and capabilities we have at our disposal. A public (open-source) resource provides you with the entire skeletal frame of how everything involved with it works. It is up to the developer now to take those tools and learn from them. I went the same route. Essentials is full of code you can learn from. In this case, EBS is too. Just ignoring that part because it is a "public resource" or because it "feels" better to do something on your own is dumb.

P.S. No worries bro, no offense/insult taken. The points you made are all valid - I just happen to disagree with some of them based on my experience.


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Well I'm kinda sad that this thread discurages people from lerning ruby. I think scenes are a really great way to get closer to scripting because you can outright see what your doing. Like I started with modifying shineys starter selection script(I knew other programming languages though). I an recomend watching Lukas tutorials 1-5 and the rest once you run into problems with those topics but I like to get started fast. You don't need to understand them 100% but you need to know which part to click when you stumble about a certain question. Then just trying to modify an exsting code that already has a similar stucture. Since getting the structure right and actually start is one of the hardest things at the beginning. This is probably less effective than just looking for a rgss tutorial on the internet. But probably more motivating since you're doing something for your own game. If you have a problem don't shy away from asking in discord or here. But I'd like to encourage people who want to learn ruby to just start doing so because if you never start you're never gonna lern it.

This is not ment to object to the posts above ... just saying that it's easier to get into ruby to a level that is acutally useful than it would seem from these posts.

So now to answer the real question in this thread:

You need to look at the Pokemon_Evolution script.
You need to look into the methods pbStartScreen(pokemon, newspecies), pbEvolution(cancancel) and PbEndScreen since those 3 methods are called in this order to evolve a Pokémon like this:
evo =
Keep in mind that you actually have to evolve the Pokémon at the end of pbEvolution. Just use what they already did there and you're fine.

You may also want to consider the method called pbGenerateMetafiles in the same class. That's where the Pokémon gets animated. It doesn't get drawn in there but just the animation "planned".

This will only help you if you know at least a little bit about programming. I tried ... but I'm to stupid/lazy to write an easy to understand guide for not programmers ... I'm sorry ... but if you wanted it I'd probably give a more detailed starting point.