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This project has a release available. The full version is still a work in progress.
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Howdy ya'll!

I'm Scooter, and I've been a lurker in the fangame community since I was a little kid. Today, I'm proud to finally put out a (rather buggy) demo of a project I've been working on in my spare time over the last few months, Pokemon Ethereal!


In the World of Pokemon, most regions adhere to an archaic league structure, in which a trainer proves themselves a master by overcoming specified trials, the 8 gyms and the elite four. In the region of Aetherius however, this structure has faded out over the years, slowly finding itself replaced by a more modern tournament system, in which trainers prove themselves in a tournament circuit that brings them all the way around the region. You begin your Pokemon journey at the urging of your friend and new roommate, Jimmy Jimerson, and find yourself thrust into the tournament circuit through a series of strange events.

Overview: Originally, Ethereal started as a semi-serious episodic story, but as I left the drawing board, I decided I didn't want that, and slowly shaped it into a comedy in the style of Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy. My primary inspiration along with my favorite fangame of all time, Pokemon Snakewood. All of the people who I've had play the game have enjoyed the humor (Except my roommate who hates fun and didn't read any of the dialogue) and I'm hoping this brings as much joy to you all as it did to them.

(Note that I haven't really had a chance to test many parts of the game, so the actual balance is probably very off, and there may be a lot of glitches. I'd love it if anyone who plays through my labour of love could point those out to me <3)

"Yea that one line was pretty funny" - My cousin
"I didn't actually get a chance to play it yet" - My brother
"Oh this is what you were working on at 4 AM? Cool" - My roomate

I've honestly done a pretty bad job of compiling credits, since I originally didn't intend to release this. I will actively be updating this section, and if I miss someone, please point it out! I've also linked to specific works in cases where I thought it was more appropriate, let me know if this needs to be changed.

Luka SJ
Spriters-Resource (redblueyellow)
Tapu Fini
James Davy
aigue marine

(Version 0.9

ALSO: I'm looking for someone with art skill to help me give the game a more definitive art style and maybe help with my mapping. I'm also open to anyone else who would like to contribute. Shoot me an email at and we can talk!​
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The beetle is waking up
I always liked the idea of a more tournament-like system in fan game, but what really catches my eye about your project is that you seem to have some pretty "interesting" writing and humor. What's all this about Elvis impersonators :joy: I might just have to give it a go to find out. Although you say it is still pretty buggy so I might wait a bit for things to get patched up. I look forward to it!


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Apr 18, 2017
Gotta agree with Cloonie here. The Elvis impersonators really got me! It's a shame this game hasn't received any attention or updates, because I sure like your style of writing.


Jun 8, 2018
Ok i litterally just started and this was my save file i've never played this game before. So i was wondering why this was then remembered this was my Pokemon Maze team XD

Anyway i softlocked the game just by loading the game Stuck in a pokemart XDDD

Anyway i'm going to test another possible glitch but i may have to start a new game.

Btw love the ?s for gender - . Don't worry! I will be back with more glitches because i am sure i will find them. So sure in fact that i already started up a new folder just to hold screenshots for this game :P I'm a person with a tendency to break games :P

UPDATE - So i closed Etheral, opened Pokemon Maze, saved here a tile next to where i was, and spawned here . I am now free to use my above level 50 pokemon to destroy everything. Don't worry; i plan after this to start a new game because... ah... this is broken as heck XD
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Jun 8, 2018
OK! Finally back from completing the whole game! I will restart this game in afew days... But first i shall say every glitch i spotted and what i thought!

First off i would like to say i enjoyed every moment. You, sir, have invented an absolutely beautiful game. It looks amazing, and i could imagine running through Iktomi with Drifblim floating around, or running into a route just as a flock of Staravia take off... It looks phenomenal, not even to mention the 3d graphics on the pokemon battles! I cannot WAIT to continue my journey in the upcoming release (Or restart the game. I was even thinking of streaming that tbh)

Anyway, without further ado...
For those who don't remember, i had fully abused a glitch implemented into the game that connected to Pokemon Maze and vice versa into this game. An admin messaged on the Pokemon Maze thread that this is common when linking save files. I would like to note that i have no idea how to do this, and had no idea how to do this prior. I have no coding experience. This was fully by chance, or some glitch as i would assume, which is odd.

Anyway, some silly glitches i had;

1. This one doesn't have a screenshot sadly, but sometimes when they ignore orders they use the same move (This is due to a 1/2 chance that they choose a different move, they just... always chose the same move) And when they do so they use the effect on the opposing pokemon, but text says they applied it to themselves, it's weird.

2. Sometimes when this happens it says there is no target. Note that this Shiny Mew is transformed and therefore only has Iron Body, Amnesia, Lock On (Later changed to Toxic), and Charge Beam, and so do I.

3. Oh, speaking of that Mew i managed to get to a great place named "Lappet Town"? So i got a mew, a shiny mew, a deoxys, a shiny bulbasaur, a newly hatched togepi, a shuckle, anddd i beat a gym. Gg!

4. Also i got to Faraday Island for the Shiny Mew. Looks lovely (sarcasm) . Of course, this isn't meant to be in the game, so it really doesn't matter.

5. If you use the move "Fly" pokemon can still hit you in the air. It's really weird.

6. - Just some fun with glitches.

7. Related to glitch #5 in this list.

Anyway that's it for this segment ^-^

Note these are all WITHOUT the teleport cabability of the pokemon maze-etheral link.

1. I don't understand the definition of "Physics". I'm sorry. I just decided to stand on a bush.

2. All pokemon when looking in the PC has there typings messed up. Here's some good ones;
2.3. I'd like to introduce you to my Dark Shadow type, Beartic.
2.6. I have a pokemon with four types at once! It's a normal fighting flying poison type Noctowl.

3. This guy doesn't understand Physics ether, i see. Maybe we can be friends...

4. Welcome to game crash #2 (The first was after talking to the pokemart guy in ikotomi, guess he couldn't handle the fact i was there before my hometown.) Oh, also see that little indent that looks like another glitch? It is. You can walk through that. Try it at home, kids!

5. Yeah uh... might want to fix that XD

6. And i thought there would be no tree glitches... but this looks like a odd tree.

7. Whenever the machoke move they become Cubone. Idk why.

8. It's the end of the world as we know it~

9. Combee. The god of death. Oh, btw he doesn't seem to die if you make him faint... he just keeps flying. But i learned to stay still.

10. No screenshot but idk how i could explain it in one; Basically if you fight a Bonsly then run they disappear regardless. Idk why they die like that.

11. *clears throat*... Tree.exe has crashed for being the most common glitch in the pokemon fangame world.

12. Well i can stand on that. It looks so convincing that it actually is a hole!

13. What even is this?

14. Well i mean you can clearly see the territorial line... but ah... that's not supposed to really happen...

15. Uhhh, hello person i never met.

Ok so this is a minor segment within a segment!
I present to you...

Jimmy Jimmerson Glitch Mania

16. TWO OF HIM, AHHHH (This is related to the pokemon maze link, though, since i have him for the competition AND to chose my starter)
16.5 Enjoy da silliness!

17.8 JIMMY D:

18. Enjoy me messing with Jimmy in a video!

19. Well ok then. I guess one wasn't enough.

20. But wait! If you buy glitch reports now you get Silliness, FOR FREE! ...Even though glitch reports are free anyway here...

We now resume your regularly scheduled glitch report.

21. - Uhhh... Bobby?

No seriously though that was an actual soft lock... i had to exit the game.................. (This is again likely to the maze link glitch with 2 jimmies)

22. Well uh.. ok... ether this is intentional or ah... yeah... idk

23. Well ok then. I didn't know my town was in the black void of nothingness (tm)

24. I'm sorry, i really don't know what you mean by Physics, what dictionary are you looking at? It really doesn't matter where i look, i just don't get it.

25. I really can't explain this without a caption or video... there just is no music. Btw that guy is Brock lol but he's not named that.

26. Ok well this seems... safe.............

27. The blue and the purple is pretty, but seperate.

28. Well this is a lie. I still don't know what you mean by Physics though.

29. Again really hard to explain in a screen or a video but i cannot talk to her. Try it at home, kids!

30. My journeys have taken me to the highest peaks in search of what physics are... But it's just no good! I suppose i will never know what Physics are.

And the last glitch is...

A compilation of 3 glitches in a single video!

31. I guess this is how you use stairs. Idk, i'm still scratching my head on this whole "Physics" thing.

(Note - the 'idk what physics are' is just a joke. I do know what physics are and am just joking on how i am breaking them.)

Still, REALLY awsome game. Keep in mind my game breaking is NOT a bad review, i mean if i hated it i probably would not go all out trying to find all the bugs. After all, i enjoy breaking games. That said, i also very much enjoy playing games. Even if i am breaking them. :P

EDIT: AH! I forgot the Grammar errors! Well don't worry i'll just make a (Really small) Spoiler! :D
1. it's ah... it's Drifblim... Not Driftblim... No t.. Close though
2. Here, i'll give you alittle time to try to figure this hard to find one out on your own! Just click the next spoiler when your done :D
"...into the air but a strong updraft..." It should be by a strong updraft, not but a strong updraft
See? Not that bad XD Just 2 errors.
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Jul 3, 2017
Jesus I had no idea anyone ended up playing this, maybe one of these days I'll pick it back up

Might end up moving on to something original though, I went looking for this because I'm working on a creative thesis w a humor piece and wanted to go look at some of my old stuff. Thanks for the kind words <3
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