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May 1, 2021
Good evening/morning/afternoon. My friend and I are working on a fangame and want to know if it's possible to create another set of abilities for Pokémon--essentially like how there are normal and hidden abilities, there'd just be a different category. A response as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.
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Since the HiddenAbilities value for a species doesn't do anything on its own (you have to set up what would change a Pokemon's ability to be hidden), you could just put it in the PBS as if it were a second Hidden Ability option, set Pokemon's ability index to 3 whenever you're changing it to your new ability, and then just have dialogue refer to it as a separate thing. (Although you'd have to change hasHiddenAbility? to just check if the index was 2, not if it's greater than or equal to 2)