Promotional Help?


Professionally Unprofessional
Apr 2, 2021
I finished making a Pokémon fan game recently. ( It's been out for about a month, but I haven't really seen anyone play it yet. I believe it's because I didn't do a good job at promoting the game. I made a Twitter account not too long ago (, but that also hasn't gotten much traction. Any ideas on how I can get more people to see/play my game?


Aug 5, 2017
If I'm going to be blunt people like things that look "well-made" or "professional" but your games charm is practically the opposite - it's meant to be goofy. But first impressions are pretty big for getting people's attentions, and while your game does stand out, it may not stand out in the that "Poketubers" are looking for. And that's another thing - Poketubers are going to be one of your biggest ways to get your game attention. If somehow Voltsy, Sacred, or some other YouTuber ends up playing it then your game will pretty much jump in popularity.

As someone working on a Fakémon game and have tested the waters posting lots of different things on Twitter, I can say the biggest attention grabber for us has always been "official pokemon art". People eat that up! They care less about actual map screenshots, in game screenshots even, music, etc. so also keep that in mind when advertising, at least on Twitter. :]

I also think being active in the little communities like PokeCommunity and RelicCastle helps at least get feedback and have friends try out your game!