Debugging, Plugins etc.


Sep 10, 2022
So i am pretty new to essentials v19 and v20 and plugins confuses me. I was talking to a friend of mine who has been creating a pokemon game and he gave me permission to enable debug so i can test the game out (not game dev mode but basic debug for party and pause menu) + i am meant to add few mega evolutions to the game and im'a be honest, no goddamn idea. I have checked bunch of tutorials, guides and so on and i have not really found anything which goes into detail for these categories. I can enable pause menu debug but party menu will never show up and i have no idea how to properly add the mega evolution item in, and generally make it functional. Could anyone guide me to correct pathing? Thank you.
Seems kind of rude of your friend to expect you to add them yourself and not help explain how lol. The wiki's usually the first place you want to check -

The party menu only shows up if you have Pokemon in your party. Or are you wanting to access the party menu from the debug menu? Just access the pause menu regularly, the debug option shows up when you select a Pokemon.

(Not really sure what plugins have to do with anything here...?)
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