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  1. werty81180

    werty81180 Thread Author Rookie member

    Jul 1, 2017

    Slendysparce: Wrath of a God (Recruitment Thread)

    Discussion in 'Team Recruitment' started by werty81180, Aug 11, 2017.

    Hello! I'm Werty81180. I've been developing a fan game, "Slendysparce: Wrath of a God" since July this year.
    Currnetly, it's only a one-man army, and I've been trying to inch on by myself. Now I'm looking for people who are experienced in the fields that I am lacking to help me turn this dream (and literal hodge-podge of stuff lol) into an amazing reality! Since the Game Jam recently ended, I figured that now would be a good time to post this, since I'm guessing that some people are going to be scouring around looking for another project to work on. I am looking forward for anyone who would like to hop aboard the Development Team and help me make this game amazing! :D

    Looking to recruit:

    • Spriter (There's literally only one Alternate form and a few custom Mega Evolutions that need spriting, unless you want to take a shot at Torture-forms, an alternate form introduced in this game that basically are made to "Torture" the player.)
    • Mapper (I...literally have the bare minimum training on how to make maps, so this is probably the most important xD)
    • Eventer (I can handle the easy things, such as doors. But for more complicated things, such as whole cutscenes, I'm going to need help with.)
    • Writer (There...is literally a few bones together for the story and not a complete skeleton unfortunately. But, I have a handful of characters that I definitely want to use)

    Project Title: Slendysparce: Wrath of a God (Hasn't been announced yet)
    Team Name/Team Members: Literally only me right now.
    Progress/Screenshots: I've been dealing with the mechanics first (polishing Mega Evolutions, getting icons for mega stones/cries for Mega-evolved Pokémon, etc.) So that once things get rolling, then that step would already be done. I also have the starting town, Route 1, and the chambers for the Regi Trio completely made (except for eventing things like Fly activating a door, etc.)
    Method of Contact:

    If you are interested in helping with Slendysparce: WoaG, please contact me on Discord or DM me on here.
    My Discord username is: werty81180 #5770

    Additional Information: If you decide to join the Development team, you're going to be in for quite a ride!