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This thread's author wants feedback on a sprite or other graphical art. Be constructive.
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Welcome to Fakémon Feedback!

The concept of this thread is simple: post any kind of fakemon or original pokemon design that you're working on. This can mean spritework, hand drawn sketches, or just written ideas. Things like custom mega evolutions or regional variations fit in here too.

Please keep the following in mind while using this thread:
  • If you notice something that has been posted but hasn't received any feedback, please consider providing the poster with some form of feedback before you move onto later posts.
  • Put some thought and effort into your feedback. While not all short feedback is bad, generally you want to make sure you're offering something worthwhile to the person requesting feedback.
  • Try not to focus too much on style choices, unless the poster mentions they're trying to imitate a particular one. It's pretty rude to only comment on how someone's work "would look nicer" if it were done differently (typically a more modern style, like saying gen 4 over gen 3 would look better).
  • Be respectful and civil. This thread isn't an excuse to be rude to another person or to tell them their artwork is bad, be helpful instead.
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pokemon games

Feb 22, 2020
hi :3

can anyone help me with ideas for species names for my fakemon?

one at a time is fine :3

click on it to zoom in
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