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Completed Pokémon: Attack On The Space Station

Just finished the game and I really loved it. The difficulty of the game was perfect and loved how you added various settings inside the spaceship like the botany lab and the cold storage. Even the ending was amazing. I had a nice time playing this game and good luck with your future projects.

Edit:(By the way I also caught a shiny Sealeo)
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Went to this game straight after clearing attack on sliph co, and I loved this one quite a bit more in fact a lot more the pokemon selection is great and a decent more diverse the battles yet again are good but the difficulty is easyier then that of sliph co but its not to easy which is a good middle ground, I loved the mutated pokemon in the game while I'm not sure how many there are I ended up having all of them, anyway I did enjoy each mutated pokemon but my complaint is the typings and appearance is the only thing wrong wile there "could" have been more variety with the types you chose still good enough for me but the appearance of them I understand are great but you pretty much used the black and white motive for each one like charizard is fire pcychic now so why use black and white still? I think something different would've been better otherwise great game.
I completed this game a while back but never got around to writing a comment, even though I still had my notes for it sitting on my computer! Attack on the Space Station was really fun! I liked that the difficulty wasn't too harsh on the player, and I appreciated that there was a pretty large selection of Pokémon to choose from, considering the length of the game.

Definitely what makes this game stand out to me is the environment. I found it a really nice change from the standard outdoors that are common in a lot of fangames. Indoors are also what I find more challenging to map, so I can really appreciate all the interesting ways in which you made the different areas of the space station stand out. Having the elemental theme with them was cool as well. (And I'm not just saying that because the ice + puddles area was my favourite.)

I was surprised (and amused) when Team Rocket's part in the story came to light. I actually completed Attack on Silph Co long before this. It was one of the first fangames I played, even before I got into development myself. Seeing the references reappear here was really neat! (Also, note to self, write a comment for Attack on Silph Co next.)



I played this some days ago and it was perfect. It was such an incredible game. Not having to do a tedious starting farm for levels whilst still being challenging made me fall in love with it very quickly.

I adored the story even though I wish it was a full on 50-hour long game (I need more of this tbh).

Pokémon were very cool and diverse and I liked their 'dark' forms too. Space station was awesome! The botanical room was my favorite of them because it was sort of new, creative. Tiles, of course, looked as good as could be, they all fit together.

The only thing that irked me was the lag in the main room but I know that was something on my side.

I recommend this game to everyone who wants a Pokémon Fan-game to play, even those who want bigger adventures like me are bound to love this!