Completed Pokémon: Attack On The Space Station


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Pokémon: Attack On The Space Station

You are an Astro Space Engineer, who's working on the International Space Station. When all your work seems to be coming along disaster strikes! All the Scientists have disappeared and something on the radar is heading straight for the Space Station!


- A couple of hours of gameplay
- TURBO! Use the Alt key to speed up the game
- set soon after Attack On Silph Co.
- 1/902 Shiny Chance!
- Pokémon up to Gen 5
- Explore A Space Station!
- Music set to give a Station Ambience (it's looped too)
- New Pokémon forms to capture!

Game Download V1.4 (06/09/17):
Google Drive

Made Using:
Pokémon Essentials for RPG Maker XP

TypicalJalapeno (Spriter)

Poccil (Peter O.)

Typical Jalapeno - Sprites - space sprites

Nuri Yuri - RGSS Linker, RGSS FmodEx, Audio (FmodEx)
GiraPrimal - LOOP_TABLE

Jason Stephenson (On YT)
Relaxing White Noise (On YT)
World Of Ambient
KleinStudio - Unlimited Animations, Water puddle fx, stat animation
The Sleeping Leonhart - Scrolling Panorama

More specific credits are in the game folder
(Please inform me if I have forgotten anyone)
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Addicted to Jams
Just finished the game and I loved it! Personally, I really enjoy all of the Game Jams you put out, and I really can't wait for the next installment in your little series!
Damn, you're quick! Glad you enjoy the series. Not sure where I'll go next with it...
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Super cool game, enjoyed it lots. Wish we could catch the final boss for fun's sake but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I found one of the extra odd key cards and I know there's three, any hints on the locations?

EDIT: Found them all. That was a nice little bonus too :)

Can't wait for the third installment!
Another absolutely fantastic adventure! The space station was such a delight to explore-the windows, little details (the clothing containers had me more entertained than I should have been), and the soundtrack were all excellent touches!

I adored Deoxys and Spiritomb's altered forms, they were such fun spins on space! Mutated Deoxys did incredible in its role as boss the first time around-you can't not want to catch it, so you're obviously going to try to whittle it down without taking it out. Oops, now Mutant Madness has kicked in and you've learned you can't actually catch it. Good thing your whole team won't get one-shotted, right? :^)

But despite being such an amazing boss the first time around, it seemed incredible easy for me the second. Knowing the tricks, Deoxys didn't really put up much of a fight-just two hits and it was down without getting a chance to pull up its ability.

I didn't feel like Spiritomb had a chance to shine being obtained so late-game, but that might just be due to my playstyle. (I kept the first six Pokemon I got in my party the entire time) With the Exp Share, Lucky Egg, and decent amount of Exp from wild mons, I think it could still make its way onto teams with a bit of grinding!

The story continues to be impressive! I really liked how there were small bits of characterization for the whole cast, and how Mak wasn't a blank slate nor a recycled Grey! It really help keep the story fresh!

Team Rocket's plot is becoming a unique sort of threat that I really enjoy-not quite the generic bad guys or the hubris-driven cults of the other teams, but something secret and terrible, a force that could remain in hiding for years and tries to create power itself. I think it's the sort of Rocket that was intended with the Mewtwo plot, and I'm really enjoying seeing it in action!

I don't know if you plan to update this, but I did find a couple passable areas-



This looks awesome! Sorry to be a nuisance but could you do a link via Googledocs or Dropbox as I can't use other sharing sites in my country and would love to give this a go :)


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The game quits after failing to load an image of mienfoo/mienshao during a wild encounter. I was late to pick up screenshot of the bug, though.


Addicted to Jams
The game quits after failing to load an image of mienfoo/mienshao during a wild encounter. I was late to pick up screenshot of the bug, though.
Oh that's bad. I'll have to fix that later today. Although I thought the game should continue even if a battler graphic is missing.
Hey Noodles, I just finished this and I have to say I absolutely love it!! I just thought everything about it was great, from the premise to the tiles to the difficulty and everywhere in between!!

-I loved the difficulty, I never found like it was too hard for me, but at the same time it took me a couple of tries to beat each of the boss trainers
-The setting was great! I loved how it wasn't just the same space station environment, which although looked great, could have got stale after a while. The Botany Lab and Cold Storage areas were really great.
-The tiles were great! I felt like they were perfect, they fitted right into the FRLG style and had a tonne of character to them. It was also great how many of the tiles were animated!
-I thought the sound design was amazing too! Using ambient music was a great idea, I think I really captured the emptiness of space. You were really clever with all the other minor sound effects too, like the sound of the doors sliding open or when the a character knocked on the player's door.
-I actually really liked the characters in the game! The weren't particularly deep, but I liked that they each had their own character traits and even manners of speaking. I also quite liked the diversity too!

-I didn't really like the scrolling space background. It was a good idea, but I think using a background with the same pixel resolution would have been a better idea. You could have even used the one from the title screen or into.
-I liked the idea of the muted Pokemon, but I would have preferred it if they would have had more different designs than the normal Pokemon. Just a monochrome colour pallet each time got a bit stale. However, I also understand that this was likely just because of the time limit.

So overall you can see I really loved this game; I only had two tiny problems with it! It's made we really want to try out Police Force from back in 2015 (please repost!!), and I really look forward to a full lenghth game from you some time!