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Not a Russian Troll

All us here have probably heard of RWBY, the 3D anime (at least in spirit) made by Rooster Teeth. RWBY follows a group of 4 girls, among other groups of 4, who train at a school for huntsmen in a world inhabited by evil creatures known as the Grimm.

Those of us who follow the show, what do you think of it? What are your favorite episodes and characters? Which ships do you support?

For the sake of people who might wander into the thread wondering about the show who haven't seen it, I'd suggest to Spoiler Tag everything from Volume 3 Chapter 6 onwards.

Once new episodes start coming out, I'm thinking we could have a little discussion thing going on in this thread for each episode.


Filipino Dev
I do like RWBY Team Very Much! It also has a Chibi Version of the Anime but I haven't watched it yet. Had some problems and been busy so I couldn't watch new episodes. Once I finish watching, I'll come back here!
I really like the story! But the art style (being a 3d render) really really throws me off. I honestly don't like it at all, but it's probably the easiest way to do it, which is why they did it. It does give the show a unique look to it to set it apart from a generic anime style show so it's not all bad.

The pacing and character arcs though are really nice and interesting and got me really invested in the characters. There are some parts that can be a little cringy or w/e, but I can't remember any in particular. I still really enjoy watching it and need to binge the rest of the new episodes one day...

I will say though, season 2 opening is the best opening, fight me