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  1. HollowGap

    HollowGap Thread Author Rookie member

    Aug 8, 2017

    How much time do you spent on...

    Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HollowGap, Aug 10, 2017.

    I was about to type one specific activity, but why not for everything else? Answer one, then ask one in return.

    How much time do you spent on you project on daily/weekly basis?
  2. Dragonite

    Dragonite The cake is a lie, so give it to me member

    Mar 23, 2017
    By "project" I assume you mean "pokémon." During the jam I spent just shy of 300 hours in RPG Maker (we'll say 270 for the sake of the math), which comes out to about nine hours a day (June 6 to August 7, 32 days), 54 hours a week. My brain has turned to jelly after that though, so I probably won't be doing that again any time soon and if I join next year's jam I'll actually do it on the starting date.

    How much time do you spend eating food on a daily/weekly basis?
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  3. nspectr

    nspectr Rookie member

    Jun 29, 2017
    If you mean only the time spent eating foods then like over an hour a day/ 8 hours a week

    Do you prefer pepsi, coca cola, or niether?
  4. Sableye

    Sableye Pokémon Breeder member

    Aug 1, 2017
    Pepsi Max FTW, I don't like the taste of fake-pepsi :P