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Completed Pokémon Summit Trials


Tutorial Guy

Game Download 1.3
Google Drive

The Summit Trials are a series of challenges that were meant to challenge the limits of trainers!

Travel to the mysterious Triata Island, and tackle the trio of difficult trials devised by Professor Sierra!

Roy and Sasha are two experienced trainers from other regions, who are taking the trial too!
Who will complete the Summit Trials first?

At the Summit of each mountain is a Trial Leader!
Prepare for a difficult battle!

Will you be able to complete the Summit Trials?


An entire island full of secrets to explore
Three mountains to climb
Wild and Trainer level scaling
Open map design (go where you want from the beginning)
Randomized Starters (11 possible choices)
Rivals also have randomized starters
Approximately 6hrs of gameplay
Gen 1-5 Pokemon
Gen 5 soundtrack
Many secrets and easter eggs
And more things I'm forgetting to mention!


with additional art from the Thundaga Community

Pokemon Summit Trials
by xCamero

Art by the Thundaga Community
Michael (Senor Bambos)
Roan Da Fish

And a special thanks to everyone
who tested the demo of Summit Trials!

Pokemon Evolution Scale Script
by Leilou

Pokemon BW2 Mod
by Shiney570
additional help from Luka, DeKay, FL, and mej71

Elite Battle System
by Luka S.J.
Ultimate Title Screens
by Luka S.J.
Mario Gamer<s>YoshiCLONE
by Luka S.J.
Pokemon World Tournament
by Luka S.J.
The Trade Expert
by Luka S.J.
Easy Mouse
by Luka S.J.
Smart Downloader
Luka S.J.<s>Berka

"Pokémon Essentials" was created by:
Poccil (Peter O.)
With contributions from:
AvatarMonkeyKirby<s>Luka S.J.
Boushy<s>MiDas Mike
Brother1440<s>Near Fantastica
Genzai Kawakami<s>Popper
Jacob O. Wobbrock<s>Venom12
Lisa Anthony<s>xLeD
and everyone else who helped out

This game was made for the
Relic Castle Game Jam #3
6/30/17 - 8/10/17

"RPG Maker XP" by:
Pokémon is owned by:
The Pokémon Company
Affiliated with Game Freak
This is a non-profit fan-made game.
No copyright infringements intended.
Please support the official games!

Made Using
RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials v16.2

Resource Pack

I had a lot of fun working on Summit Trials! I'm much happier with this game than I am with last years submission, Pokemon Paradox. With this game I wanted to cut out almost all story elements, and focus on challenge and exploration. I wanted to make a game that would be great to Let's Play, where players are dropped onto the island and have complete freedom to approach the tasks in any order they choose! I hope you enjoy this game, because it was a labor of love. I'd like to think that this is the Pokemon game that I would want to play.

Social Media
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/thundaga
I make tutorial videos for how to make Pokemon games in RPG Maker XP.

I also stream the game making process on twitch: twitch.tv/thundagastream
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I watched all of your videos on making the game and I have to say, IT IS INCREDIBLE. The only problem that I found is that I revisited the HQ to revive my 'mon and when I went outside in the grass I found a level 1 Shinx. My pokemon are from levels 10-15, so I don't think that is entirely correct, but besides that it is an amazing game, keep up the great work!------------------------Okay, now I am finding a bunch of level 1s


Tutorial Guy
Download version 1.1 of Pokemon Summit Trials!
  • Updated movesets for some of the starters (Ex: Now Beldum won't only know Takedown for 20 levels)
  • Slightly increased the delay after taking damage in battle, to make damage taken more readable during battle
  • Added items/TMs to the forest, with a few new paths
  • Added a sign outside Triata HQ clarifying where/when Pokemon scaling is active
The link above is up to date! Use that to download the latest version!

Thank you everyone for your comments! I hope you have fun playing Pokemon Summit Trials!
This game is probably great for players who prefer to strategize than to out level their opponents, but I'm not a good Pokemon player.

The level scaling does keep the challenge consistent without feeling cheap, but in my case that consistent challenge has been during the most boring parts of a Pokemon game, the levels 10 and under. For my first hour playing, all the moves available are pretty much Tackle and Leer, so no movesets are unique and type matchups don't matter. With the level scaling system in place, I wonder if it would affect the gameplay much if my starter had begun at level 12-15 just to make battles interesting from the get-go.

I think the open world feature might be a little misleading?

So far in my playthrough I went directions where I wouldn't run into the rivals but would get a chance to explore instead. Since the Rivals went East and West, I headed North and found a forest area...blocked by Cut Trees.
Then I headed South (There's a sign there that's blocked by cliff in front, but can't be read from the side or back?)

and found the Western path (past the house with the Chansey trainer; I think Chansey's character sheet is missing the right facing sprites) there blocked by Smash Rocks. The Southeastern path was icy and led to a Pokemon Center where the male rival appeared and gave me the HM for Cut.

Anyway after playing some I can say that there does seem to be a good amount of area to explore (I did get into the cave and find branching paths, the ice puzzles are interesting) but man I really should have stocked up on and hoarded some items. Next chance I get, I'm gonna catch an Abra so I can use some teleport because I've seen this whiteout screen too often.

The white is blindingly literal.

Also I've got a note on something that I'm guessing is probably a quirk of the BW2 Mod and not a design choice made for Summit Trials, but this is the screen for a Pokemon learning a new move via level up:

There's no information on what the move effects are. In the case of Odor Sleuth, I couldn't remember if it was a move that just improves accuracy or if it was the move that removes Normal Type immunity from Ghost Pokemon, so I looked it up.

Edit: Is there something behind the Normal next to Growl? Is that the party sprite for Zigzagoon?
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Tutorial Guy
Summit Trials Update 1.2 is available for download!

Here the things that have been updated:
  • Starter Pokemon begin at level 10
  • Updated some intro dialogue/tweaked intro cutscenes
  • Some moves have been replaced for NPC Pokemon (Lv17 Charmeleon w/ Dragon Rage? No thanks!)
  • Removed the rocks on Route 2 to allow easier access to the Safari Zone (There is a new Rock Smash blockade on Route 6)
  • Removed cut trees in Oleda Forest that prevented forward progress
  • Added small new paths to Oleda Forest with some new items to find
  • Slightly lowered the encounter rates in all caves
  • Reduced the cost of all Repels
  • Added the Trade Expert and Friendship Checker NPCs to the Triata Residence
  • Added two new NPCs near the beginning of the game to give you Pokemon that will help you in your adventure (Seel lovers rejoice!)
  • Lowered the amount of Pokemon that NPC Trainers have near the beginning. The first trainer of every route will only have 1 Pokemon
  • Removed the BW2 summary screen (Too many quirks! Not being able to see move descriptions on level up is very bad!)
  • The black out screen is now appropriately dark (No longer blinding white! Sorry Aki!)
  • Fix some small passability tile issues
  • Updated the strength puzzle in Dark Cave B1F
  • Added one new NPC Trainer to Route 3
  • Wild Pokemon outside Triata HQ changed to level 5-8
  • Added flying type wild Pokemon to Mt. Fuego checkpoints 1 and 2
  • Added some ice tiles to Mt. Hielo checkpoint 2
  • And probably a few more things I'm forgetting!
Thank you so much to everyone for your feedback! I appreciate it a ton, and Summit Trials will become a better game because of it!


Ive got a rather small but annoying issue, I dont want to spoil what it is but out of curiosity is the pokemon I received from the trade at the safari zone supposed to not listen to me?

Edit: I suppose I could at least call it by its nickname to make things easier, I dont believe it will spoil what the 'mon is. The nickname of the 'mon I'm having issues with is Blur.
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Tutorial Guy
Summit Trials has been updated to Version 1.3!
Here is the (shorter) list of changes!
  • Pokemon received from NPCs will no longer disobey
  • A new poison beach route has been added below Route 5
  • A new zone has been added to the Safari Zone
  • Safari Zone steps increased from 600 to 800
Thanks again for your feedback! This may be the final update, unless another bug is found.
I hope you have fun playing Summit Trials!------------------------
i have a magmarizer and a soul stone but i cant evolve my magmar, can someone help?
Try having your Magmar hold the Magmarizer as it levels up!


Guys, I completed all the 3 trials. Need to go to the champions lodge. But, I am unable to use rock smash on the way. How to use rock smash? I even received the TM94 for Rock smash.