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[ Introduction ]

Thanks for submitting content! Here are some guidelines you should aim to follow. Don't take them as rules, but as recommendations you should follow in order to make people be able to reach and use the resource to its fullest. Be sure to take a look at the BB Code help site to learn how to get the most out of your formatting!

When uploading a resource, here are the most important fields you'll need to fill, and how should you.

Category (choose one):
  • Tutorials
    • Game Development and Design
    • Pokémon Essentials
    • Miscellaneous
  • Resources
    • Audio
    • Graphics
    • Scripts
    • Miscellaneous
Choose a relevant category. If you're unsure what "Game Development and Design" might mean, think about it as, not a place to upload Pokémon Essentials-related content, but about the design process of a game, whether it's team recruitment, world building a region, creating a compelling character... As for Miscellaneous, submit your resource there when it does not fit any other category.

Title: Write a descriptive and direct title. If it's a resource or collection of resources with it's own "brand name" (e.g. "Elite Battle System"), that's alright too.

Version String: The forum's system allows for updates without having to create a new duplicate resource. If left blank, this will become the date the resource was posted.

Tag Line: A brief summary of what the resource is about. (e.g. "A tutorial on how to do this, this and that")

Resource Type: If the resource requires a download, you will write the download link here. We recommend Mediafire or MEGA for free file hosting services. Be very careful when using Dropbox or other cloud-based file hosting services.

Pokémon Essentials Version: When relevant to the category, this field will be shown. Select the version of Pokémon Essentials to which the resource or tutorial was made for. It's important to know if the resource is not compatible with a newer version of Pokémon Essentials.

Description: This is the main body of your resource or tutorial. You should be very thorough when explaining what the resource is, how does it work, or any sort of instructions. The clearer you are, the less problems users will encounter.

Tags: These tags will allow your resource to be found more easily, but do not use irrelevant tags either. For example, if I were to upload some Pokémon Essentials windowskins, I would just write "windowskin" as a tag. Maybe "text box" as well.

Credits: Provide a list of credits that the user should provide when using your resource, which will appear in a Credits tab. If credit is not required, please state so. When listing credits, please add "Credit if used:" or some variant before listing names for clarity sake. If you notice your content is being used against your wishes or you're being uncredited, please contact an administrator. We'll work with you and the offending project to make sure proper credit is given or the project is removed from Relic Castle.

[ Posting a Resource ]

Provide an in-depth installation guide. If it includes code, make smart use of the [code] tags, and use a text hosting site such as Pastebin when the script is too long.

[ Posting a Tutorial ]

Be as descriptive as possible when explaining the steps to follow and make sure it works before submitting it (so test it yourself!). Tutorials with just steps to follow are good, but it's also important to explain the reason behind each step, so that the user may also learn from it instead of copy-pasting to their project.

[ Rating a Resource ]

You'll always be asked for a review while rating a resource. Do not give a resource a bad rating because you did not get it working. Instead, refer to the resource's thread (generated automatically) or reach the author first. For resources with a download link, you'll be required to use the download link provided. Ratings will be moderated for fairness.

Thank you for contributing!
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