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Demo Pokémon Clandestine Beta v1.5.5 - The Halloween Update


I've been playing Pokemon games since I was a kid, and they've always been one of my favorite games. I played lots of ROM hacks throughout the years, and I even tried making one, but stopped playing ROM hacks, and making the ROM hack, and took a break for like 4 more years. Last year I started making a ROM hack again, learned a lot, but wasn't liking how it was coming out, and stopped. But, now I have RPG Maker XP and have been learning how to use that. (Which, turns out to be sooo much easier than ROM hacking.) I have plenty of free-time, and need stuff to do so I like to fill my time with developing my very first game. PLEASE note that this is a FANGAME and thus I will NEVER sell it and will ALWAYS be free. Do not download from any other sites other than PokeCommunity and RelicCastle, those are the only sites where I have posted the fangame. If it's found anywhere else, it is not me. IF I ever get an email or anything from Nintendo telling me that I need to C&D I will happily comply, and I will stop working on the game immediately. I've been a huge Pokemon fan since I was a little kid, and still am and definitely would not want to upset them. Please understand if this does happen, and do not get upset with me or Nintendo.

You will be playing the role of Jay (Though, you can name him whatever.) who has recently moved out, and decided to start his journey as a Pokemon trainer in the region of Alressa. He decided that he should finally challenge the gyms with his best friend, Sneasel, whom he had saved from dying in a snow storm when you were a child. Your mother is a scientist that has been working on a machine called the Snag Machine which allows one to steal another persons Shadow Pokemon, in hopes that you will help cure them. Of course, a machine that could potentially cure a Shadow Pokemon is too dangerous for Team Shadow, who wants to put a stop to the progress of this machine before it is completed, and decide to kidnap your mother while you are on your way back from your first gym challenge. You'll have to figure out what Team Shadow is up to, and save your mom!

-All the Pokemon up to 6th gen including the Fairy type
-4th gen style tiles and overworlds
-DS styled animated battle sprites
-Start with running shoes, can run indoors
-Real time DNS
-All trade evo's will evolve via leveling up
-Team Shadow
-New title
-Custom gym leaders
-2 rivals, friendly one and a mean one
-Custom party menu
-Custom backsprite and overworld for player
-HMs replaced with items
-Lots of optional events that will reveal a lot of the story, but are not necessary!
-Lots of choices that affect things later on!
-Shadow Pokemon!
-And more to come!

Your room

Snowdrift Village

Mt. Frost Peak, I plan on expanding it on the left side.

Chelith City, where you reside.

Route 1.

Erkwood Town. (Poison type gym leader!)

Erkwood Gym

Your starter, Sneasel.

Custom backsprite, made by PhonicBoom

Default EBS Battle Animations (Might edit them later)

Berry Farm

First interaction with Cid

Beginning of the Alressa Region

:4/14/17: I've only made a few maps, I think about 6, as of now. They include a small cave system, a few cities, and a route. I still need to add music so it sounds nice, and I need to change the OverWorld sprite and backsprite! I have lots to do, but the first beta should be out soon. Also, I promise to make this thread prettier soon.
7/3/17: Okay so it's been almost 3 months since I've started working on this project, had a name change to "Pokemon Clandestine," and I'm still looking for a spriter that can help out but that hasn't completely halted my progress! Been a little busy with school, and am currently out of the country but I'm still putting in time on the game. I'm sticking with fourth gen style overworld sprites to match all the tiles, and have decided that getting rid of the optional snag machine. I've added up to two gyms now, and with 5 routes, and 3 different caves. HMs will not be a thing in this game and instead will be replaced with items, since I prefer that. Will update graphics in this thread when I get home and have access to photoshop on my other computer.
8/3/17: Still looking for a spriter, have a lot of maps and events done already but really want to wait to release the first beta when I have the battle sprites for the custom trainers, but worst case scenario I'll have to use other sprites for now, and maybe when it's released someone will be more interested in helping. Other than that, since I've gotten back from being out of the country I've gotten a few maps done, and fixed up a bit. I still need to add music, change the intro, and make another town, as well as the last gym. Currently have over twenty maps. Gonna start private beta testing soon, and when that is done release a public beta for everyone to play. :)
10/5/17: It's finally here ladies and gentlemen. I've had lots of people do beta testing, so hopefully the game isn't buggy! Please report any bugs you find on here or in a PM!
10/31/17: Getting out this Halloween Update was kinda hard in the short time that I had, but I really hope everybody enjoys it! The mystery gift is the black fog from the manga, and it goes up to the next gym as well. Was told the game was too easy by two people on the thread so I bumped up the difficulty a bit. Added a bunch of new features visually, and the game was crashing because of a script but I do believe I fixed it by deleting it, and hopefully I'll be able to add the script back in a future update.

buttjuice - Mapping, events, story
antsa - helps with brainstorming, writing text for randoms and some trainers[/URL]

-------------Thanks for downloading Pokemon Clandestine!---------------
-----This fan game would not have been possible without all of---------
---these people's contributions, and help so please check them out!----
The Gods:
Nintendo and Gamefreak - Pokemon
Poccil, Flameguru, and Maruno - Pokemon Essentials
Elite Battle System is huge and had tons of people working on it!
These are credits soley for the people who worked on EBS, and what it
GameFreak | Original sprites from B/W/2 games
Pokecheck.org | Ripping the sprites from B2/W2 roms
Luka S.J. | Indexing and formatting the sprites
dragonnite | GIF to PNG conversion
Tebited15 | B/W styled trainer Red sprite
Spriters-Resource (redblueyellow) | Gen 5 ball sprites
Battle Backgrounds:
Eli | Ripping and compiling the backgrounds
lilatraube | Some B2/W2 battle bases
Custom UI:
Luka S.J. | Design, formatting and implementation
Luka S.J. | Elite Battle System
Maruno | General help and support
dragonnite | GIF to PNG converter
Pokémon Essentials (Maruno + Poccil + Flameguru +contibutors) | Base system
Sound Effects:
GameFreak | Original sound effects from B/W/2 games
BadSamaritan | Ripping the sound effects
-------Credits for all the other resources I use in this game----------
Sprites and other art:
Smogon X/Y Pack - Gen 6 Animated Sprites
Mej71 - Gen 6 cries and sprites
Gourami - Custom Overworld Sprites
Snivy101 - Gen 6 Animator
N-Kin - Sprites
wolfytodark - Hawlucha animation
Diegotoon20 - Gen 6 Animated Sprites
PhonicBoom - Backsprite
Kaihatsu - Awesome title
NeoSpriteman and Lnate - Overworlds ripped from Pokemon games
Jochi - For the background in my party menu
PLDH.net - Sneasel bottom right in the border
X-5-4-5-2 - Nurse Joy Sprite
Mashirosakura - Kristina and Valencia Sprites
Ulithium_Dragon - Animated Mega Houndoom
TheRisingSean - Animated sprites
Speedialga - tiles
Pokemon-Diamond - tiles
Kizemaru-Kurunosuke - tiles
EpicDay - tiles
Thurpok - tiles
UltimoSpriter - tiles
Dewitty - tiles
MinorThreat0987 - tiles
TyranitarDark - tiles
Heavy-Metal-Lover - tiles
kaitoooo - tiles
WesleyFG - tiles
BoOmxBiG - tiles
CrimsonTakai - tiles
ThatsSoWitty - tiles
UltimateTraveler - tiles
SpartaLazor - tiles
The-Red-eX - Dawn Tileset, others
Kyle-Dove - Biome Tileset, others
Alucus - Pallet Town Indoor Tileset, HGSS cave tiles (ladders), others
Shiney570 - Some tiles
Phyromatical - Some tiles
Lava Plume - Ilex forest shrine tile
Donlawride - HGSS pokemon center and mart tiles
Warpras - HGSS Pokemon center tiles
Blizzard - tiles
Wootius - Turbo button
Klein Studio - Footprints, and many other scripts
Lucidious89 - Party shows matching ball to one pokemon caught with
Alaguesia - Happiness Checker app
Shiney570 - BW Party, menu, trainer card, mart
Beta Testers:

Pokémon Clandestine Beta v1.5.5 - The Halloween Update Mega Download Link Here
Arrow Keys to move
Press "X" to open menu, and cancel/"B"
Press "C" or "Enter" for accept/"A"
Hold "Z" to run
Left alt is a toggled turbo
Bug Fixes:
v1.1: Before this update the Pokedex said normal types were grass, but they still worked as normal types, the pokemon center had tiles you weren't suppose to be able to walk on but could, same with indoors, I added water autotiles, I added text to all the signs since there aren't maps for the islands yet, I fixed a bug with a trainer in Farend Town, fixed a bug where the first gym when you lost the retry didn't work properly, and fixed a map connection for the final map of the beta not being connected.
v1.2: Bug with the second gym trial not working properly is now fixed, Sneasel now has it's own custom form to match the story (if playing prior before 1.2, go to Erkwood Pokemon Center and trade with the NPC), edited the first gym leaders battle sprite, fixed a bug after you get totodile where it could crash if you press "A" where the fisher used to be, and the obedience levels weren't set properly (now after the first gym pokemon up to level 30 actually listen, and after the second up to 40!)
v1.2.5: Bug in first gym where if you didn't turn on the switch after beating someone, and going back in the trainer would be blocking your way is now fixed, and updated a switch to let the player down stairs after getting sneasel
v1.3: Editing some sprites, fixed a bug where PCs were causing crashes
v.1.3.5: Fixed a bug with first encounter with Kristina if you are on the right side of the path causing the game to freeze, changed the TM found in Chelith from "Return" to "Thief" fixed a bug in Signal City where Kristina would run into you and cause the game to freeze
v.1.4: Fixed a bug where if you lose to Cid, the game froze. Fixed a bug in signal city where grunt going in forest caused freeze. Fixed running/walking sprite. Changed the Team Shadow intro from the Rocket Intro to the Team Shadows intro. Fixed where if your party is full, and you're suppose to get Totodile, it's sent to PC now. Been working on Halloween update! Hopefully will have that out by 10/22/17
v1.5: Added the mystery gift, some BW visuals (might be able to add some of them I took out back in since they didn't seem to be what were causing the crashes), goes up to the third gym. Had to fix a bug with the Totodile event in Rivermouth Cavern, and a few minor things like stairs not working like they should, and a bug with a rival battle. Nevertheless, I'm sure somebody will find some unseen bugs, but until then this seems to be pretty stable and bug free. If you want the mystery gift you need to go into any pokemart, save your game, and reload. Then you'll have the "mystery gift" option on the main screen!
v1.5.1: There was a bug with the gym where it would freeze, now fixed.
v1.5.2: There was a bug with the first choice in the gym where you'd get locked in. Fixed.
v1.5.3: Fixed the teleporting guys text and his abra's eyes in all the Pokemon Centers where they can be found, fixed Black Fog not being able to learn TMs (Now learns same TMs as Haunter), fixed a bug with the PC showing the "types" of Pokemon incorrectly, fixed some movement permissions in Mount Ginger's valley, and fixed the trainers in the forest talking to you during the day nonstop.
v1.5.4: Fixed a bug where if you didn't interact with the chalkboard on the first floor of the burned house officer jenny and the SS leader wasn't there, fixed a bug where using teleport outside of battle didn't send you to the right place, and fixed a bug with leavanny where it wouldn't attack.
v1.5.5: Fixed where you can't keep talking to the chalkboard in the burned house, fixed where you can't walk on to the table in the burned house, added pokegear as a key item because the BW menu doesn't have a pokegear slot, fixed a ledge so you jump down it and not up, and fixed the big sign in Reefbed so you don't look like you're walking over it. Mystery Gift removed 11/25/17
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Encounters are in the games folder​
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This game is looking quite nice. One thing I would recommend is to reduce the space between the trees on the maps.