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This project is complete. Any future revisions will be bug fixes or small updates.
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Changelog for Version 1.14
Version 1.14
- Fixed a fairly major bug that could cause softlocks if facing a foe with a Custap Berry.

Version 1.13

- Fixed a bug where the game would crash if you chose a Mono-Electric team challenge at the start.
- Made the "Transition Speed" Option in the options menu effect a few more things in battle. They'll move a little quicker with this option on.
- Added a Nuzlocke mode to the game, using JV's scripts. It works as follows: Pokemon cannot be healed when their HP reaches 0, and you can only catch one Pokemon on a route. Note that swapping characters will NOT reset that counter.
- Also, whiting out will cause the Nuzlocke mode to be turned off.
- You can only turn the mode on at the beginning of the game.
- It's quite a challenge, and the game may be difficult enough as it is, but give it a try if you're interested. It's still mostly untested, so there may be some issues with it.
- Added a couple of tips that show up at certain points in the game to give hints to features that people often miss.

Version 1.12

- Fixed a bug where the Ranking System would not give you the proper reward if you were Rank 1 - it was instead checking for Rank 2.
- Changed the Bronze Silver and Gold Candy items. As an example, Previously, the Gold Candy would give a Pokemon 10 levels but could only be used if the Pokemon was level 50 or lower, taking them to a max of Level 60.
- Now, the item can be used all the way up to level 59, but you will gain less levels. Say, if you are a Level 56 Pokemon and use a Gold Candy, you will gain 4 levels, taking you to Level 60. This should help make them more useful.
- Added an option to skip the intro in Free Mode.
- Made a few small balance changes to some trainers.
- Removed a few text boxes when you are using HMs. You'll use them a bit quicker, now.

Version 1.11

- Adjusted some of the trainer rematch levels down a bit. They were a little bit overtuned.
- Adjusted the final fight of Free Mode.
- Fixed a few Pokemon Icons that were cut in half.
- Fixed a couple of spelling/variable errors.
- Added the Park Ball to the game - it can be purchased outside the Pokemon Catching Contest. With this, the Pokeball Collecting Quest is now completable. Oops!
- Changed the Voltorb Flip Quest. You now only go down one level when losing, rather than being set to level 1.

Version 1.10

Design Goals
- Added a new mode for replays.
- Wanted to improve the players options for leveling up throughout the game, if needed.
- Wanted to adjust Pokemon to make them more fun to use.
- Wanted to slightly increase game speed if needed.
- Wanted to add a new optional battle area available before the postgame.

New Features
- Balance Changes for some Pokemon. Generally, slow Pokemon with lots of weaknesses got a slight stat boost.
- Adjusted the learn level for various moves. Generally, moves that are key to a Pokemon's strategy are learned slightly earlier.
- Added a large new area, the Rental Stadium, available in the town of . You receive Rental Pokemon and have to battle through over 8 ranks worth of battles in Single, Double, and Triple battles. The more fights you win, the more Rental Pokemon and Items you will receive. You'll also receive some rewards you can take out of the stadium, like...
- Several new TMs that contain a few moves from Pokemon Sword and Shield. They can be obtained through the Rental Stadium.
- Added Free Mode, which has to be selected at the start of the game. Intended for replays or for those who want minimal story, it's actually set up as a sequel to the game's plot. It cuts out all ofthe events that happen after you obtain a badge and makes them optional, and allows you to either play as one character or swap at any point. Please note that since various story areas are not forced to be visited, the difficulty curve may be a bit steeper.
- The Re-battleable Ace Trainers now have teams that get stronger with badges earned, so you have more option for leveling up.
- Generic Pokemon Trainers on the basic Routes (Route 1, 2, 3, etc.) could be battled with multiple characters in previous versions. Now, they improve in strength with each trainer who battles them.
- Added "Transition Speed" to the options menu. If set to Normal, it is the same as previous versions. If set to fast, it increases the speed at which the pre and post-battle transitions play.
- Added "Bar Fill Speed" to the options menu. If set to Normal, it is the same as previous versions. If set to fast, it increases the speed of which HP bars drop and fill and the EXP bar fills.
- Added an additional Bicycle Shop in St. Laurent, very early in the game. Although it is a bit pricy, the bicycle is now available much sooner.
- Added various new window skins.
- Added an NPC in The Base that allows you to change your team name.
- Added several 5 new TMs containing moves from Pokemon Sword and Shield, obtainable through the Rental Stadium.
- When playing in Random Pokemon mode, there is now a very slim chance that you will receive an "Uber" Pokemon.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed some Pokemon's TM compatibility lists that did not line up with their pre-evolutions.
- Changed the pathing of a few NPCs to prevent getting softlocked.
- Fixed a few PokeKings entries.
- Added some text warning the player if they attempt to go into the first gym without exploring.

Version 1.06

- Fixed quest "Kids Court" - it should progress properly now.
- Fixed a couple of potential softlocks in Victory Tower.
- Fixed a bug where Sheer Cold would hit even Ice Type Pokemon.
- Fixed a bug with Heal Bell, where it would fail if the user did not have a status condition.

- Fixed a handful of graphical bugs.
- Fixed a couple of mapping errors.
- Fixed a couple of spelling errors.
- Fixed a bug where the EXPNCard in Dragon Valley would not give you a new phone number.

- Slightly improved the rewards for doing many Master Trainers.
- Made a couple of minor movepool additions.
- I've also updated the spreadsheet a bit! It's got Pokemon Locations, abilities, a little blurb on Battle Island and a very simple Walkthrough now.

Version 1.05

- Fixed an error where, after defeating the Champion, an event that was supposed to play would not play. Although you could still progress the game, some story along with some gift items and

Pokemon that were to be gifted to you would not be obtained. For those of you who have been effected by this bug, I added an NPC in the room in the Mystery Zone where you receive tips who will play the event and give you the gifts.
- Fixed a game crash in the Dojo, when challenging Lino Masaya.
- Fixed a rare error in Victory Tower, but if it was triggered would cause the crystal pathways to no longer appear, rendering progress impossible. If this bug effected you, wait long enough in one of the rooms in Victory Tower with those passages, and it will fix itself after some time.

- Fixed a few more graphical bugs.
- The Kimling line did not have a Shiny variant - one was added.
- Fixed the bug where losing the fight immediately before the third gym leader would cause the event to keep playing even after your loss.

- Made it so that the signs on the routes that tell you if you have captured all Pokemon will turn Green once you have obtained the shard from them.
- Changed the descriptions of some items and abilities to be clearer as to what they do.
- Added a few additional Pokemon that you can be given in the Battle Factory.
- Added an NPC in the base that sells "DVDs" of TV shows. On the TV next to that merchant, you can watch the specific show you want.

Biggest bug this time was definitely the event after the Champion - I have no idea how that happened! If you're already past that point, I added an NPC in the room where you get tips - talking to that NPC will play the event again and give you the various gifts you were supposed to have.

Version 1.04

- Fixed an error on Route 10, where if you exited the bridge heading south you would become unable to move.
- Fixed a potential softlock in Victory Tower
- Fixed an error where certain items were not purchaseable when using Black or Silver shards.

- Fixed several spelling errors.
- Fixed a few errors where the characters face graphic would not appear.
- Fixed the Pokekings entry for Wexfowl
- Fixed an error where you could walk on the roof in Corbann.
- Fixed an error where you were removed from the Boatpocalypse II after losing a battle.
- Fixed a few graphical errors that had stray pixels, etc.
- Fixed an issue where the Bug Ball Pokeball was unusable in battle and instead acted like an ether.
- A couple other minor bugfixes.

- Slightly adjusted the EXP calculation. In particular, the EXP gained for using an underleveled Pokemon when you have many badges is now capped at a higher amount.

Version 1.03

Major Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug around picking up a certain item on Route 9 while surfing would cause a softlock.
- Made the trigger for enabling character swapping different so that it could not be done before the feature was introduced, potentially leaving you in a softlocked state.
- The Pokemon Grimja was not obtainable in any way. This has been corrected.
- Fixed a bug where initiating a plot event after the 7th badge could cause a softlock, depending on the direction your character was facing.

Minor Bug Fixes
- Fixed a variety of typographical errors.
- Fixed an error in Victory Tower where you could end up repeating a fight you had already done.
- Fixed a couple of music issues.
- Fixed an error where defeating the Grass Gym after getting 8 badges would result in you getting the wrong TM.
- Fixed a couple of minor graphical errors.

Other Changes
- Added the new "Random Pokemon Mode", which can be chosen upon starting the game.
- This mode gives each character 6 Pokemon at random, and disables PC access until you have beaten the champion, upon which normal access will be returned to you.
- Try this mode out if you are overwhelmed by the idea of looking at the pro's and cons of each Pokemon, or if you just want to try a bit of a challenge. Any Pokemon except Uber Pokemon can be

- Added some additional text before obtaining an uber Pokemon in the postgame.
- Added some additional tips given to the player upon consecutive defeats to the final boss.
- Made a couple of minor changes to the shadow enemy trainer teams in one of the lategame areas.
Version 1.02

- Fixed an important issue with an NPC on Route 12 who, if battled and lost to, would cause all your party Pokemon except one to vanish until entering and exiting the base. This could lead to crashes if another "Select Pokemon" event occured before then.
- Fixed an issue that some players were having who were unable to progress past the third badge and enter gyms, despite having cleared everything necessary to progress. If you were experiencing this bug, please enter the base, heal your Pokemon, and leave through the front entrance, and it should fix itself.
- Fixed an issue with the quest "Hungry for Blue Shards". It could not be finished if you did not finish it upon first talking to the quest giver.

- Fixed a few graphical issues with Pokemon sprites/icons (Notably, Vennec and Dragonlord's Icon's were cut off in the party. I also slightly adjusted some of the other icons)
- Fixed the sign in Discovery Town to display the correct Pokemon available. Accordingly, the shard can now be attained.
- Fixed a bug with Incinerate where it would not display the name of the item being destroyed.
- Fixed an issue where the Itemfinder quest would show up in Tara's quest log twice. If you have already been affected by this bug, talking to the kid in the base who gives you the itemfinder once you have completed the quest will remove both instances of the quest.
- Fixed an issue where the text about Lionel's Yoball when healing Pokemon would display multiple times, rather than only once as was intended.

- Made it so that all trainers on the Routes can be battled by the four characters separately. Please note that the trainers will not be any stronger or weaker, but it may be a good way to get some money for your characters, and it only makes sense! Trainers in dungeons are unaffected, moreso out of courtesy so that re-traversing them is not as painful.

Version 1.01 - Fixed the following bugs
- Some text used the old name of the game before it was finalized;
- One of the Casino prizes price was set too high and was unpurchasable;
- Fixed a crash when checking the sign in Discovery Town;
- Added a Pokekings message board post for Jargon;
- Other minor text/graphical fixes.

About Pokemon Terra Nova

Created using Pokemon Essentials 18.1

This game has been a project of ours since the release of Pokemon Black 2, and its been a sort of internal project among myself and my friend group since then. We've worked on and off on it, but I'm happy to present the finished, complete project here today - this is a big fangame! My playtesters reported times between 50 and 130 hours, depending on how much or little optional content you do.
This game was made in Pokemon Essentials, and the game is fully complete barring any potential small bug-fix updates or minor content additions.

Over 880 Original Pokemon! (Fakemon)

This game features an absolutely massive amount of Fakemon - over 880 of them! These were sprited ourselves - some of them are splices of original Pokemon, whereas others are original designs. There are no original Pokemon in this game - only Fakemon! For more detail, check the Readme after downloading the project!

16 Gyms, with some freedom as to how to progress the game!

There are 16 gyms in this game. Gyms are separated into groups of four - you must defeat two of the gyms in that group of four to advance to the next group of gyms and gain access to more areas of the world.

But don't worry! You will have the opportunity to challenge all of the gyms once you are far enough in the game, at endgame levels.

Lots of detail and side content!

There's lots of random things in this game to make the game world feel more alive!

  • PokeKings online Message board featuring Art and fake "Forum Posts" by the game characters on each and every Fully Evolved Pokemon!
  • Find or earn costumes to change your characters look! Some of them are slight changes, and others are completely different!
  • Inspect nearly every item of furniture to receive some silly flavor text! There's LOTS of them! You might even end up finding a Furniture Token...
  • Other characters in the game world can randomly be found from place to place. There are lots of them, and their dialogue changes frequently. You might see them talking to NPCs, each other, or they might be free and offer you a trade or a battle.
  • Oftentimes, when you lose to a gym leader, you might come back to find them already challenging someone else! You can sit and watch the battle, or come back at a later time.
  • PokeGear features many different phone channels to call. Some of them offer useful battling features like a Move Relearner or Pokemon Name Rater, but others are more amusing like a number that lets you bet on fake futuristic racers and more!
  • 40+ optional sidequests, including a Quest Log script by M3rein to keep track of them!
  • Tons of Postgame battling content, like Master Trainers for every fully evolved Pokemon (400+) and many high level tournaments and challenges, some straightforward, others with some gimmicks, culminating in the final challenge against 100 trainers! See the Readme for more information.

Play as four different characters!

- Thanks to NettoHikari's Multiple Protagonist's script, you will swap between four different characters in this game! They'll have separate teams, but there will come a time when you will be free to swap and trade between all four protagonists...


- The game features a lighthearted, goofy plot with colourful characters poking fun at each other.
- Lots of scenes, some mandatory, many optional, of the characters bantering with each other or NPCs.
- The game focuses on a group of characters who have travelled to the Deep Blue region, a newly formed region funded almost entirely by a single woman.
- These characters end up finding themselves assigned to a Team, despite their lack of shared background, and will pool their efforts together to obtain the badges and challenge the Elite Four.
- However, there is a secret going on in the world... Rumours of a mysterious voice talking to people in their sleep, and those that hear it end up falling into a coma not long after.
- What is the truth behind this?


Battle Screenshot

Inspecting furniture in houses gets you dialogue!

Sometimes your player character will comment on what an NPC says!

Look at the default Costume for one of the characters...

And one of the alternate costumes!

Pokedex information for a Pokemon - it shows base stats, abilities and small tips on how to use them

This Pokemon is not fully evolved, so it mentions its method of evolution.

The Pokekings Message Board, a fake Message Board you can access with goofy dialogue, competitive tips, and poorly drawn fanart of all the fully evolved Pokemon. This below is some of the goofy dialogue for just one of the Pokemon.

I think that sums up just about everything! The download links are at the top of the post.
There might still be some bugs. I have done play testing, but there is a LOT of random stuff in this game. It should be mostly good, however.
I hope you have a great time trying this game out - there's tons to do and see. Please see the Readme in the RAR file for detailed information and tips!


  • MC50 (Story, Writing, Mapping, Events, Gameplay, and more)
  • Zeph2K4 (Fakemon Sprites, Character Sprites, Mapping, and more)

  • Flameguru
  • Poccil (Peter O.)
  • Maruno
- AvatarMonkeyKirby
- Marin
- Boushy
- MiDas Mike
- Brother1440
- Near Fantastica
- FL.
- PinkMan
- Genzai Kawakami
- Popper
- help-14
- Rataime
- IceGod64
- SoundSpawn
- Jacob O. Wobbrock
- the__end
- Kitsune Kouta
- Venom12
- Lisa Anthony
- Wachunga
- Luka S.J.
- And everyone else who helped out.

  • NettoHikari
  • Ulithium_Dragon
  • Zeak6464
  • Tapu Fini
  • SpartaLazor
  • leparagon
  • BlackOutG5
  • Rune
  • M3rein
  • Rigbycwts
  • Rot8er_ConeX
  • James Davy
  • Kaduki/Usui634
  • Heisenman (Fogs)
  • Luka S.J.
  • Maruno
  • Aveontrainer
  • Young-Dante
  • Mezmerkaiser
  • Kalarie
  • Avatar
  • SphericalIce
  • Etique
  • Droid779
  • Similation
  • JV

- Darkshadow574
- Muff
- Olivia7
- Prono
- Swood
- Sassin9
- All of our friends who helped with their input as to the final games design!

The Following programs were used to help create this:
- RPG Maker XP
- Pokemon Essentials
- Usenti
- Paint.Net
- Audacity

Discord Link here!



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Sep 26, 2022
what do you must do exactly after getting the 4th gym badge please? and how I can get the evolve stones?
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May 2, 2017
Hi, after getting the 4th Badge, you'll need to head back to the base and see several plot events with Cage. Afterwards, you need to head to the teleporter room and take the Teleport to the Salty Lake Shore. Should be straightforward from there.

You'll pick up a few elemental stones from random hidden item locations, but the easiest way is going to be to buy them at the base with a Green Shard. (This is in the lower floor, where all the shops are)


Sep 26, 2022
Hi, after getting the 4th Badge, you'll need to head back to the base and see several plot events with Cage. Afterwards, you need to head to the teleporter room and take the Teleport to the Salty Lake Shore. Should be straightforward from there.

You'll pick up a few elemental stones from random hidden item locations, but the easiest way is going to be to buy them at the base with a Green Shard. (This is in the lower floor, where all the shops are)
I can't find it, I have all the medals except that, in my party there are only Yumika and Cage, I already won the secret GYM, at the base they tell me that there are no more teams to fight or HMs to get, I went to Salty Lake Shore I arrived to the Edge of the World and I can't get into the tower, I don't know what else I need to do, I just need that medal and I guess at the base they will tell me where to go for the League


May 2, 2017
It's been a while! The game has been updated! There were a fair few changes, so I upped it to version 1.10.

Additions include a Free Mode feature that has significantly less text and cuts out most of the mandatory story segments, more intended for a replay, and a Rental Stadium that features you collecting Rental Pokemon by winning battles and using them in battle.

See the version history near the top of the main post for more details - there are also some bug fixes and other slight changes.