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Overview Other Games & Projects

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The forum-wide rules apply in this section, along with some specific rules. Please give these a read before posting in Other Games & Projects.

When Posting a Project in Other Games & Projects
Other Games & Projects is a forum for games, hacks, engines, etc that are currently in development. Typically, this means the project is a non-Pokémon game or a ROM hack. They don't require a release, but they do require minimal progress before they're permitted in here. If your project doesn't meet these expectations, feel free to discuss it in the Project Sandbox. Threads must be approved by a staff member before they're public.

If we do not approve your thread, you should receive a private message telling you why. If your thread has not been made public within a few days of posting it, and you've received no such private message, contact a staff member. However, please be patient.

The following are the requirements for your thread to be approved.
  • Plot: Include a small write up or summary of your plot and or backstory. Try for a paragraph at least. It doesn't have to include spoilers or in-depth plot details, but try to capture people's interest. This may not always be applicable as not all projects have a plot.
  • Features: Include any features in your game that you believe will make it stand out from other projects, preferably in a list instead of a block of text. They don't have to be ground-breaking.
  • Screenshots: You need to have at least six in-game screenshots showing off different aspects of the game. Make sure they're fairly different from one another. We don't want five screenshots of one area of your game or just of your interfaces.
  • Credits: This is incredibly important. Be absolutely positive that you're giving the correct credit when using public resources, and make sure to list any team members you might have working on the game. We take credits very seriously. Not crediting someone for something they created is considered content theft and is a very serious offense.
  • Download Link: If you have a playable release available, be sure to include the download link on the first page, and make it very obvious so people don't miss it! Do note that we do not host any games or hacks on Relic Castle itself, you must upload it through a third party. (eg. mediafire, MEGA) Please also include patching instructions, if applicable to your project. We don't allow direct links to ROMs.

Some important things to note regarding credits...
  • If you aren't sure the proper credits for something you're using, do some searching to find out who made it. If you for some reason can't find out who made it, you shouldn't be using that resource.
  • If you're using well known resources such as MrDollSteak's Decapitalization and Attack base, be sure to credit them as well. Just because they're well known doesn't mean you don't have to credit them.
  • If we find that you are using (private) resources without the author's permission and or without credit, there will be repercussions. This is considered content theft, and your project will be taken down. We will then require proof that you have permission, or to talk to the author ourselves.
  • If you notice your content is being used against your wishes or you're being uncredited, please contact an administrator. We'll work with you and the offending project to make sure proper credit is given or the project is removed from Relic Castle.

Posting in General
The following things should be kept in mind when posting in a project thread:
  • Project feedback is highly encouraged; if you see something in a project that you feel needs improvement, point that out, but be respectful about it. Keep in mind that it's ultimately the developer's project and it's their vision for the project.
  • Not all posts have to be feedback; you can talk about how much you like the game (make sure to say what you like about it), ask questions about it, or talk about it in general! A project developer (usually) loves nothing more than people discussing what's going on in the game.

The following types of posts are considered spam and will be deleted. If you notice a post breaking this rule, please report it and move on.
  • Posts asking for a release date.
  • Posts asking for a download link.
  • Posts asking if the game is finished.
  • Posts asking if they can be a game tester, unless stated by the project author that they're looking for testers.
  • Posts with little to no substance: (eg. "I like your game, it's cool!") Tell us why you like the game!
  • Double posting. Please edit your post instead of double posting. If you're the thread author, you may double post if you have some new content to share.
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