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Why is your username what it is? What does it come from?
Would you want to change it, if everyone would know you as that and there were no technical limitations?

My name is a derivative from my real name, Marin (or Marijn). I don't think I'd want to change it. It's unique enough and also basic enough.

What about you?


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My name comes from the German name of Guzma being Bromley. Not the neighborhood in London.

also guzma comes from guzmania, the plant, and bromley comes from bromeliad. the bromeliad family contains the guzmania and pineapple


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Yay! New topic! I guess I should tell mine then...

Contrary to popular belief it is not from tequila and is not pronounced like that either.
Taquilla (Tah-Quill-Uh) is derived from my former username, Takua (from the Lego Bionicle Character) and one of my Fakémon called Airquilla, the result is merely a combination of the two.

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Mine comes from my brain. Honestly, it's mostly just a random thing, from back when I thought random was funny, but now I know better. Still, it feels like too much a part of me to change it, because this has been my username for as long as I've been online.


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Paging @Kiedisticelixer? I'm so curious nwn

Mine is a relic of back when my game project was called "Fluorite and Onyx" rather than Divide and Unite - "Hematite" would've been the third version (or I guess it was very briefly called Harmonize after they were renamed DU, but there is no longer such a third version - all of the concepts that were going to be in it fit just fine in DU, haha, and I'm not sure why my younger self was even thinking about a third version anyway!). Even though it no longer applies as directly to my project, I wanted to stick with it as my name!


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Spoiler: I'm a massive weeb.

So in a certain chapter of Naruto (Viz translation) there's this quote:
The "cosmos" is an Akizakura or Autumn Cherry...The prettiest flower of the fall. The real meaning of the word "cosmos" is "harmony"...And it does harmonize with almost everything.
And at a fairly young point in my life that's what I was reading when my friend circle was deciding that cute nicknames were necessary; it was silly, but all the nicknames actually stuck we still call each other by them. Anyway weebness aside I actually call myself Aki and I'm not that creative so that's my username everywhere.


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I love RuneScape, that game is my childhood. When Old School RuneScape launched I went into it and decided to start from scratch and make a brand new account. However, I had always been very serious with my usernames. So I went for something dumb, inspired by my cousins whose usernames were respetively Bush965 (he heard George W. Bush being said a lot when he was little so he stuck with it) and OwlsFart (because Owls fart too). The first thing to come to my head? An adjective and an object with no relation whatsoever. Mad + Deodorant = MadDeodorant. Voilá!


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I've had a lot of usernames and I haven't posted here much recently so why not I just go on down the line, hmm?

- My first username I won't actually say because it was a pretty bad portmanteau of my first and last name, and I don't think I have to explain to you all how bad of an idea that was. This is why little kid Dragonite shouldn't have had Internet access.
- My original YouTube username was the ludicrously off-beat 2andaHalfStooges, where theoretically I was one Stooge, my little brother was another and the half was some combination of my sister and dog. We played games like everybody else and it was the least comedic thing ever.
- My third username, Dimenticare, is the Italian "to forget." Which was apparently hilarious when I was like fifteen. I stuck with that one for a little while.
- I started using Dragonite in summer 2012 when I signed up for Super Skarmory's old site and noticed a general trend of Pokémon nicknames. To be honest I forget why I went with Dragonite, since that was largely before I was the massive Pokémon nerd that I am now. It was a toss up between that and Magikarp, which was surprisingly also not taken by anybody at the time. Obviously I still use this one whenever possible.
- Dovahnite is a juvenile mash-up of Skyrim's dovah ("dragon") and dragonite. I think I use this on like Thuum.org and just about nowhere else because not many people would get it.
- DragoniteSpam is the alternate username I use when just Dragonite is taken (which it usually is on the bigger sites). I like it because it's a bit of a jab in the eyeball to the wannabe Pokétuber community, where names are almost without exception [pokémon name]+[over-the-top adjective].
- I have a secret username that I use when I want to be anonymous who's based off of a character in an original story I started writing a few years ago. If I ever finish that story I might post it in Creative and let you guess whose name I go by but for the time being it's staying secret.


My name doesn't have a complicated backstory. I always liked the meaning behind the Greek letter Omega. So, my username became a combination of Omega and the first letter of my name, s. I didn't put a dash or underscore in between for reasons I don't remember.
While I do enjoy the Skylanders series, I don't think it would be something I considered as a username under most circumstances. This was originally just a username on the Skylanders wiki. But I wound up using that account to work on a bunch of fangame wikis, including Pokemon Uranium, and when I made accounts for the Uranium discord and subreddit, I figured I might as well keep it the same across the board for simplicity.


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People started calling me it in 8th grade, so... it caught on :P

Previously I was Platinum Cyndaquil, which... is self explanatory... but it was over 16 characters (meaning it didn't fit as a username in some places) and I didn't want my username to be linked to another IP when I started doing my own stuff, so I adopted Fontbane into my online presence.

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I've been asked that so many times before! I guess it sounds really exotic! :thinking emoji:

So there's this band you might've heard of (ugh! Some-teen year old me memories are making me cringe already!) called Red Hot Chili Pepper, with singer Anthony Kiedis, and they've got this song called Quixoticelixer. 1+1 makes 2!

It's not that I'm embarrassed about it, given I'm not into the band at all now, it's just that I'd rather leave that old me far, far behind out of cringe. I should write a book. :thinking emoji; heavily distorted:

At least it sounds interesting enough to raise some eyebrows, but there's a reason I've avoided this thread for a while :-p

I wish I could just change it, but I've grown accustomed to it, and I already have an identity; an online persona attached to it.