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v19.1 Some questions about updating to v19.1

This thread pertains to v19.1 of Pokémon Essentials.


Jan 27, 2021
Hi all,
I'm updating my project from v17.1 to v19.1, and had a couple of questions after following the upgrading guide on the wiki. I've been combing the posts here and the wiki to try and answer these myself but come up blank, feel free to direct me to any relevant reading in case I've missed anything.

1. Scripts - I thought that with the new system, the scripts have moved out of the RMXP editor and into a series of .rb files in the Data folder. However, I see that when open up the Scripts section in RMXP, it is populated with scripts. How do these interact? Will editing the scripts in RMXP change the .rb files in the Data folder?

2. Trainers - I have a ton of trainers already populating my game. Do I need to go through and edit each one to fit the new trainers.txt PBS format? Do I need to do the same with the trainer events themselves on my maps? I have a vague memory of reading somewhere that it would auto-reformat the trainers.txt or fix the events upon compiling, but can't seem to find that piece of writing again.