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Lead Dev for Pokémon Transcend
Oct 2, 2021
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Short Description
Project Title:
Pokémon Transcend (title is currently a placeholder and subject to change)
Engine: Pokémon Essentials v19.1
Team Members: Color Me In (Writer, Visual Artist, Lead Developer), Zufaix (Composer), Midarlarsuplr (Mapper/Eventer), SwaggyHere (Writer), 6Bits (Spriter), EveDoesStuff (Spriter), Super (Concept Artist), Falcary (Tileset Artist)
Recruiting: Scripters, Eventers, Mappers, Artists (Visual, Concept, Tileset, Spriter, Fakemon Design), Composers, Writers
Method of Contact: Discord (tenebrius exillium#0959) or DM
Additional Information: While not a requirement, I’d like people of Korean descent to join in order to fully capture Korean culture since the region will be based off of Korea. (Though I’m Korean, I was raised in America, so my knowledge of Korean culture is pretty minimal.) I’d also like to see more LGBT folks for more diverse representation both in-game and in the team! Please also note that until the team grows larger and progress on this project is certain, I am not able to commission any work for the project.

Hi there, I’m Color Me In, aka Color for short, a newcomer to the fangame community, presenting to you “Pokémon Transcend”, a dark, sci-fi/supernatural story-driven Pokémon fangame set in a fan region based off of Korea. It’s a project intended to be played by experienced Pokémon fans inspired by fangames like Pokémon Reborn/Rejuvenation and Pokémon Empire. It will also deal with a lot of darker themes such as abuse, manipulation, PTSD, and so on, as well as touch on Pokémon “science” by providing in-depth theoretical explanations for many Pokémon phenomena. It also focuses on "Endowed Humans", people with supernatural abilities. Many such Endowed Humans are already-established Trainer Classes such as Psychics, Hex Maniacs, and so on, but they also include completely new concepts like Seekers, Whisperers and Sensors.

Though this would be my first Pokémon project, I’m currently studying game design and actually work as a professional storywriter for a game company. As such, I’ve really been hoping to create an actual game of my own for some time now!

I will note, however, that this project is very much still in early development as the plot is not yet fully-fleshed out. It’s honestly just a collection of plot bunnies, basic plot events and character backstories for now, which is why I hope to recruit some other members to hopefully bounce ideas off of. As such, any member that joins will be able to pitch in ideas for plot, regardless of if they are a writer or not.

The Story
Arriving in the Taemin region, you play as a Pokémon Trainer participating in the Taemin Pokémon League. Your journey begins as any other, and you make both friends and enemies. However, you soon stumble upon some sinister undertakings that may hint towards darker events occurring within the region... As you explore and uncover the region's secrets, you begin to learn that not all is as it seems, and, perhaps, not all people are who they seem. During your journey, one particular phrase comes to light: "Wordsmith". Just what is a Wordsmith, and what does it have to do with you?

The deep, intricate mysteries surrounding this seemingly-halcyon region... Could you be the one to discover its shrouded secrets?

Planned Features
These are features I hope to integrate into the game, but some can be cut due to their difficulty. If you can help with these, please don’t be afraid to reach out!
  • Three Protagonist Options - there are currently 3 different avatars: “Masculine”, “Feminine” and “Nonbinary”, though I'll likely be adding a bit more diversity and provide different skintone options. I’d also like to add Player Customization later in-game.
  • Following Pokémon - a feature that I think many of us love, I’d like to have the first Pokémon in the party follow after the player in the overworld.
  • Overarching Plot - due to the original concept of this game, the plot will definitely be extremely detailed and complex, as well as released in Episodic Chapters.
  • Mega Evolution - Mega Evolution will be a very important part in the plot, so I’d love to have it in the game. I’d also like to include completely original Mega Evolutions.
  • Regional Variants - since Taemin is a completely new region, I’d like to have some regional variants.
  • Alignment System - certain actions and dialogue choices will affect your Alignment, ranging from “Virtue”, “Neutral” and “Vice”.
  • Relationship System - similar to the Alignment system, certain actions and dialogue will affect your relationship to certain NPCs. It may just be that you control their fates.
  • Branching Endings - there will be 3 different endings, though I might add more depending on how the plot develops.
  • Field Effects - this is a low-priority, but I was hoping to have field effects like the ones seen in Pokémon Reborn/Rejuvenation as it adds to the difficulty.
  • Side Quests - another low-priority, side quests will exist as a nice break from the story.......though they may also play into what ending you achieve.
  • More LGBT Representation - I am absolutely adding in quite a bit of LGBT rep in this project (as I, myself, am LGBT), so expect to see a variety of identities within the characters.
  • Pokémon Recruitment - this is mostly a concept in my head that I'm considering, but in addition to catching Pokémon via Poké Balls, I was thinking of a recruitment system similar to ones seen in Deltarune/Undertale as well as the SMT/Persona series.
  • New Eeveelutions - I plan on having at least 1 or 2 new Eeveelutions in the game, namely a Dragon-Type and likely a Flying-Type.
  • HM Items - another useful feature, I plan on getting rid of the need to use HMs in the Overworld by replacing them with Key Items you collect over the course of your journey.

Available Positions
At present, there are only 8 Members (myself included) working on this project. As such, I am in dire need of other members in order to continue the project.
  • Scripters - (Urgent) In charge of creating menus/UIs, new features, adapting scripts as Essentials updates, etc.
  • Eventers - (Urgent) In charge of adding the written script into RPGMaker, generating the events, etc.
  • Mappers - (Urgent) Will be designing concepts for each map as well as actually mapping each location.
  • Writers - Will be working with me to further develop the story into an actualized plot, as well as flesh out the characters and world.
  • Visual Artists - (Urgent) Though I am capable of drawing 2D visuals for character portraits and cutscene images, it’s been too exhausting to do so alone while also handling writing for this project as well as work. Just drafting up the concepts for characters below took too much time and effort...
  • Fakemon Designers - (Urgent) While the game will only feature 2 completely original "Fakemon" in the form of 2 new Eeveelutions, there will also be a number of Regional Variants. As such, we urgently need artists who can design concepts for our Regional Variants!
  • Spriters - Will be spriting both Trainers and Pokémon. I’d prefer original work over sprite edits. Overworld sprites are Gen 4.
  • Tileset Artists - (Urgent) Though I have a number of public assets available for use, I’d like original work that matches the “essence” of Korea for Taemin.
  • Concept Artists - Will be drafting up concepts for maps, UIs, new Pokémon designs, as well as characters.
  • Composers - (Urgent) Music is such an important part of video games (in my opinion) so I’d really love some original tracks for this project, particularly for the Game Start screen, as well as emotional scenes. Remixes of existing Pokémon tracks is AOK!

Regional Variants
Concept - Regional Variants + bg.jpg

The Pokémon Professor and her Assistant
Preview Concepts.jpg

Route 1 - "One of the most transited routes ( by non-trainers ) in all of the region. The Train Station located here is only one of many located throughout the region, and serves to act as speedy and safe transportation for non-Trainers and Trainers alike."

Route 2 - "The denizens of Sharonicus City tend to come here time to time, take a break of their busy life in the metropolis, and just admire the beauty of nature while listening to the calm sounds of the lake."

Additional Information
I’ll accept any and all other help even if it isn’t listed here, as there’s probably more that I forgot to add.
When applying, please also provide some examples of your work. I will only be looking at applicants with ORIGINAL work to show.

Thank you very much for reading this far! Hope to hear from you.


Shawn Frost

Overworld Sprites
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Jan 6, 2019
Hi, would like to apply for a mapper/eventer/concept artist position, can I talk to you via Discord? Here is some of my work, my user is Midarlarsupl#4715.

Fault H. Hunter

Mar 8, 2021
Hiya, I would like to fill out the position of a composer, I am specialized in Battle Themes but I can also do peaceful tracks, here are my works. (I have more). If you want to discuss this: here's my Discord Tag: H.F Simril#2705


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Lead Dev for Pokémon Transcend
Oct 2, 2021
All of us at Project Transcend have been working hard, but we could still use some more help! All positions listed are still open, though we are urgently recruiting Scripters, Mappers and Composers!
Here's a little sneak peek of what we've been working on so far! :>

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Lead Dev for Pokémon Transcend
Oct 2, 2021
Bump! Project Transcend is still in need of more members! The listed positions are all still open, with an urgent priority for Mappers, Composers, Visual Artists and Scripters!
Here's another little sneak-peek of what we've been up to:
Lumine Grove, a strip of forest located between Routes 1 and 2... It is a mysterious place with such dense forestation that there are some sections within where no sunlight pierces through the canopy... In order to find their way through, travelers rely on the light emitted from certain Pokémon living in the forest, itself. There are some legends and rumors surrounding this strange forest, where some Taeminians believe may have once been the sacred land of an ancient civilization long ago...
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