Relic Castle User Survey

Hey folks!

For those that don't know, I help out with Relic social media and some behind the scenes stuff working on growing the community and how we interact with people outside of it (reporters, YouTubers, etc.)

We're looking to learn some more about how we can make Relic an even better place. Can you take our quick survey about how you found Relic? Having this anonymous data will help us improve and find more potential devs, players, and community members.

Here's the link!

As an update: Some fun stats!

We've had over 100 people take the survey, so thanks so much there! Here's some interesting data we've learned!

A large portion of you found Relic through YouTubers. That's great! We're always looking for new ways to work with YouTubers, both to get more of your Fan Games played, and to increase the interest in potential devs, artists, and players of Fan Games. One thing we'd really appreciate: feel free to let your favorite Pokétubers know about Relic Castle, and specific games you like on the site. Same goes with your friends. People like you are what make Relic Castle the place it is, so your judgement of who would enjoy our community is important. Word of Mouth is just as important.

These are encouraging numbers to see! We really like how many people here have stuck around for such a long time, but seeing newer users make up over 40% of the survey takers is exciting, and we hope that they'll also stick around!

That's all for now, but thank you all for your comments and suggestions for RC's Social Media Team. If you haven't taken the survey, you still can by clicking right here!